My partner and I were looking to file a Nevada Corp. and we needed a resident agent from Nevada so I met an old guy named John Vogele (70+) from Las Vegas who said that he could set up our corp. and be our resident agent for us. Most Nevada firms charge 1k for the service but Jon Vogele told us that he could do the whole thing for 700 bucks. I'm all about saving money so my partner and I gave him the 700 bucks.

John Vogel did reserve the name that we wanted but after that he started acting strange about when he was going to file the actual corp. for us. Weeks went by then months until Jon Vogel stopped answering our calls.

I guess saving 300 bucks was more like costing us 700 bucks in the end. I now understand that John Vogele is trying to raise capital for another one of his scams! Take my advise, run from the guy! :judges: