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    Trifecta Program

    Does anyone have information on the Trifecta program-are you making money. Is it legit?


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    Re: Trifecta Program

    Give me a little more information about the company either a website or address. And I will see what I can find out for you. But just Trifecta brings up to many other companys. What do they do, what type or operation is it?

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    Re: Trifecta Program

    It seems like it is a new program started in March of 2006. The Monitor is Bruce DePuy. You enter in three positions on the list and there are four payout positions. So as you cycle through the list your three entries hit the payoff slots more. Bruce Depuys' address is PO Box 1297 Sound Beach NY 11789 Tele# 631-821-1206
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    Re: Trifecta Program

    Trifecta: in horserace betting, this is the selection of the first three horses, in the order of finish, in a single race.
    And wouldst thou quote scripture in thy defence?

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