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    barcareers.com scam

    i ordered a book from them thats suppose to train you to be bartender. but then i researched that this company was a scam and read other testimonies. while i was able to stop their fraudulent recurrent charges by closing credit card account getting refunds on them.

    i want to go further and get the book fee refunded as well, it cost like $150. how do i get this refunded?

    while the recurrent charges were unauthorized, but i authorized this. what to tell the credit card company? how to get out of this?

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    Re: barcareers.com scam

    Check the Terms of Sale on the invoice that came with the book, but my gut is saying you're stuck with it.
    Good job on stopping those recurring fees.
    Would you post the title, author and ISBN of the book you received? I'm curious about it.

    About bartending careers.
    Mixology needs hands-on training; you're just not gonna get the pour of a pousse-cafe, or the correct chill on a Gin Martini (Beefeater, glass barely wet with dry vermouth, twist) without an experienced teacher right at your side.
    Find a local bartending school - ask working bartenders where they learned (ask several; many learned entirely on the job and aren't sold on the worth of mixology classes.)
    Remember, schools will only teach you drink recipes and techniques, and some rudiments of bar management; you'll need to get into the hospitality industry to pick up the practical experience of difficult customers, lazy servers, lunatic managers...etc.

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