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    One more MLM scam. They are posting there add, "looking for new people to hire" (http://orangecounty.*****slist.org/grp/1521313880.html ), but this is only cover to trying to sell you this scam, you need to first buy in to the program and next there products too. This is not a job!!! they don't pay

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    Re: 8020365

    This needs some clarification....the link added to this posting the newspaper ad is not functioning correctly so I am not complete certain what it said...however there was an unauthorized office operating in Irvine using the name 8020365 that was attempting to work with several network marketing companies. This office, operated by Michael Alexander, was set up as a call center with the promise of bring great money to those who worked it. Unfortunately the leads totally useless. I will give you that it was a complete total waste of time designed to bring money into the pocket of 1 person. True and traditional network marketing was actually NOT allowed with in this office. Web sites associated with this offer are www.8020365.org or www.8020365.biz and they will redirect you to a networking company.

    Side note: The direct sales companies that were being offered through this office are legitimate functioning companies that have made people money...just NONE of it came from anyone working in this office. Please do not fault company... this was ultimately one distributors way of growing his downline. Please realize that it was the office that was bad not the companies.

    The web site www.8020365.com is NOT the business associated with this office. 8020365.com is a company independent of that office that provides 3, 5, and 7 day workshops teaching the use of Vilfredo Pareto's 80/20 principle as applied to business, personal growth and professional development on a daily basis focusing on all aspect of one's life. Workshops will be starting soon... you can always check out 8020365 on google and you will find many links associated with this mindset and information to the company and its principles and theories.

    Anyone reading this post please realize that the newspaper add and www.8020365.com are NOT connected to eachother.
    Thank you!

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