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    Soylent Green ( Internet, Product, life ) scam?

    After seeing that movie, I am just thinking the world has been put on a steady halt. It is like a Hodenni. Imagine the internet being a scam. By inputing data they can know what your are thinking about and even consider your next move. From knowledge to goods it is one big scam to trick us into something. Maybe wasting time to avoid the truth that we lie to ourselves about.

    The scene with the man dying is what made me sick the most. I kept watching expecting him to explode or something even sader. I know there is people out there who do this for phun. However it seems too real not to imagine.

    I am not even going to state the obvious, but if you ever paid attention in middle school, you would see what I can only imaging that is a problem in todays world.

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    Re: Soylent Green ( Internet, Product, life ) scam

    the "they" you are worried about are all just like bill clinton, trying to get a BJ from the intern and stash some cash.

    "they" all know that life is a temporary thing and are happy with little pleasures of life each day, like finding something good to eat.

    "they" don't care what you are thinking and presume you are thinking the same things they are.

    your next move? doesn't matter to anybody unless its blowing yourself on an airplane.

    "they" can't take any money or power with them when they die, and "they" know it.

    dun worry, be happy.

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