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    The Bible vs Modern Israel

    Evangelical conservative Christian Babu G. Ranganathan says Christian Zionists such as John Hagee, Jack Van Impe and Jack Chick are wrong in thinking modern Israel is the apple of God's eye. He notes that modern Israel is controlled by and mainly populated by Khazar descended Ashkenazi Jews, who have no Hebrew blood at all but were supposedly converted to Judaism, or acted like they did, from their traditional Satan worship a few hundred years ago. These very wealthy "Jews" also are now the leading power in the United States and Great Britain and were the leading power in the old "Communist" Soviet Union. See http://english.pravda.ru/science/mys...bible_israel-0

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    Re: The Bible vs Modern Israel

    That's pretty much true. Many orthodox Jews do not support Zionism, for the very simple reason that the biblical God said he would establish his own kingdom. For humans to decide they can do it is actually a form of blasphemy by biblical standards.

    A study of the history of Judaism shows that attempts to keep God's law, by the time of Jesus, led to a diversity of religious ideas. After that time, however, one sect arose to dominate Judaism, the Pharisees.

    The Pharisees likely derived their name from Persian origins(Parsee, Parsi) and developed a theological system in Israel after the Persian king Cyrus allowed them to return to their homeland.

    The majority of Jews, however, were quite content to inhabit the various trade routes that linked the ancient kingdoms of Babylon and Persia, and were willing to sponsor other Jews to return to Israel and rebuild their homeland.

    Ezra and Nehemiah were two such scholars educated in Persia, who returned to Israel to re-establish proper beliefs.

    The Pharisees are responsible for the development of the Talmud, which is a Jewish commentary on Torah(Old Testament laws).

    The Talmud was developed in Babylon, and by the time of Jesus, there was confusion as to how the Talmud could be interpreted to accommodate the Torah, in which there as very little guidance involving the evolution of trade and commerce.

    Along came the rabbi Hillel, who developed his "seven laws" of thought extending from Greek logic and combined with statements from the Torah.

    By this, said Hillel, rabbis(who are Pharisees) would be able to correctly determine the divinely applicable laws of God to everyday situations.

    Jesus, however, repeatedly condemned the Pharisees as hypocrites(Matthew 23) and told his disciples to "call no man rabbi"..

    Paul directly challenged this conclusion of Hillel in Romans 8:7 when he wrote that the carnal, or natural mind, is enmity against god and cannot be subject to God's laws.

    This was a complete and absolute divergence from Pharisaical thought and what became known as Christian thought.

    Jesus himself stated, in quoting Isaiah, "In vain do they worship me, teaching for commandments the doctrines of men".

    If we look at this in terms of Godel's theorem, which states that there is no process of formal thought which can represent all truth in one package, then the split between Jesus and Paul with the Pharisees can be seen in a more rational, logical process.

    "God" as a source of all truth, can never be subject to the reasoning processes of men, so Hillel, brilliant as he was, was wrong.

    Jesus also described this process of thought as the "leavening of the Pharisees".

    By looking at this statement in terms of Godel's theorem, we can assume that the "leavening" of the Pharisees was simply the linear extension of human thought in an attempt to represent God as truth. The more who believed and accepted that human reason can represent God, the greater the power of Pharisaical thought, i.e., "leavening".

    There is no religion based on human reason that can truly represent God, and that includes modern Zionists.

    That, basically, is why many orthodox Jews do not accept the doctrine of Zionism.
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