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    The true cost of the War in Afghanistan

    The true cost of the War in Afghanistan is far worse then the billions of dollars in cost, the real cost of this War is the unbelievable increase in the use of Heroin all over our country. Someone I know tried to buy a bag of pot in Midland Michigan the other day and every one he talked to told him they couldn’t get him any smoke, but if he wanted some Heroin there was plenty available.

    So now the question becomes was this planed? We all remember the “Guns for Arms” deals of the first Bush while he headed the CIA. Is this a “Heroin for Peace” deal? If we could “follow the money” we would no doubt have our answer. The Taliban my have been ruthless in their dealings with those that failed to live according to their view of what a Muslim should be, but one of the perks for us was Heroin was almost non existent on our streets and Heroin Addicts were as rare as a virgin in Collage.

    I would bet my last Dollar that Heroin profits are making their way into the pockets of these same Politicians that keep this War going. Surely not directly, but through Lobbyists working for the Cartels and perhaps even the Pharmaceutical Companies providing the drugs used in rehab.

    To me, the cost is too high.

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