Mate of mine warned me of this website as apparently he knew someone that got done in by them.

To be honest it's probably easier to google any shady website like this as there are usually reveiws from a bunch of angry folk.

Anyway, this is was the fella sent to their customer services team that cracked me right up.

Enjoy, and be safe!:

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Fuck You

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[email protected]

*Subject: thieving scum

I just wanted to say that all you lot should go eat shit and die.
Luckily i never got scammed by you but i've read of many people who got scammed by your sort and only feel it is my duty to tell you to go eat some nice toasted warm defecations from a rotting donkey, in the hopes that it rots your insides worse than the donkey's body.
Whilst you're rotting away i hope someone or something that has not had a shit in 2 weeks comes and offloads their full bowels all over your face and gets some of the shite in all your facial orifices...then you can choke, go deaf and blind and lose all sense of smell. but hopefully not die....because i know some black magic mates and i've told them to cast a spell of everlasting life on you peasants so that once you've gone through the ordeal of being shat on...and once you think it's all starts all over again. only this time, the shit will come from a rotting kangaroo. after that, it'll be a rotten buffalo. And so on. I cannot wait till it gets to the rotten rhino cos i hear their shits reeeaaally stink bad. and also the Panda.

All the while you do know this will get filmed and posted on youtube for the whole world to watch your shame.

You will be more hated than all the terrorists and george bush's of the world combined. You will be more hated than a mean granny with dodgy dentures.

You will be more hated than the most hated thing in the world that any thought of you will lead to you being shat on by your haters.

That's a lot of fooking hate! thieving scumbags...actually no, don't die. Go get ed by a rabid goat with rabis!!! And then let the shitting commence!

Bad bye!!!!

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