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    Chasteen Insurance Agency *Fraud Alert

    Chasteen Insurance Agency *Fraud Alert / Athens, Georgia -Tom Chasteen

    If you’re even considering doing business with Tom Chasteen or Chasteen Insurance Agency located in Athens, Georgia, you had better read this full report. These people are liars, con-artists, and simply care less about you or what-ever policy they sell or broker for you. They care about your money and when you need them as I needed them, not only were they not there for me, they lied about the entire course of events and tried to actually blame me for their outrageous faults. Too bad the case is black and white but the mere insult that they would try this tactic is testimony that surely there are other victims out there like me. Know that I have legally recorded conversations and physical evidence that prove my allegations. You’ll be provided contact information at the end of this report.

    Chasteen Insurance Agency, Tom Chasteen, and the people working there had better beware from this point on. I am making formal complaints with the Georgia Office of Commissioner of Insurance and other government agencies. I also believe there is a criminal element that Tom Chasteen and Chasteen Insurance Agency has engaged in and same will be reported on December 28th, 2009 to the appropriate authorities. I’m also filing a lawsuit against this ridiculous company, Chasteen Insurance Agency. It’s astonishing to think they thought they would get away with what they must have in the past.

    Chasteen Insurance Agency sold me a policy for my company. My company was to have $1,000,000 [$1 Million] liability and $2,000,000 General Aggregate. Chasteen Insurance Agency sent me approximately 10 documents outlining my coverage which included over 50 points of coverage. You name it… From general liability, loss of income, theft, valuable documents, property on and off premises, equipment breakdown, be assured, the list was long and wide. I had $25,000 coverage alone for property in transit as I imported product all the time.

    I paid my premiums and time went by. Months later my company experienced a major problem with a manufacturer and the CEO who provided us with our product. Not only did we experience poor product and damaged product, the CEO of this company literally ran off with over $42,000 in cash, over $60,000 from another revenue stream, and said company owed my company over $89,000 in development fees. Keep in mind this was a 15 year company and nobody saw this coming. Also note that my new start-up company was on track (verifiable) to do several million dollars our first 10 operational months.

    There were over 10 things that were covered by the policy Chasteen Insurance Agency gave me and covered so I wasn’t horribly worried. That’s why you have insurance right? The policy was from The Hartford or Hartford Underwriters Insurance Company; one of the largest insurance companies in the USA. Note that they too are facing serious legal issues but have to date, blamed Chasteen Insurance Company for this entire situation. I made a legitimate and lawful claim. The claim was simple and to the point. Evidence was provided including bank accounts, merchant provider accounts, credit card processing information, and data. Everything requested was provided to The Hartford and note that we are talking about thousands of documents, transactions, emails, and so forth regarding my company, revenues to date, physical evidence, so forth. This was a very simple case to prove and I knew they would pay. I just figured there would be some issues regarding the amounts as we might be plus or minus a few thousand here and there but all-in-all, I figured all would work out in the end and balance out.

    Harford came back and told me I wasn’t covered for anything. I emailed them exactly what Chasteen Insurance Agency provided me regarding my coverage and documents/policy. OK… You ready for this one? Hartford then told me that the policy and coverage Chasteen said I had, mailed me and faxed me, wasn’t my coverage and not even close to my coverage. I asked about the policy. Hartford said that Chasteen hadn’t given me my ‘real’ policy. I tape recorded this conversation. I asked them if this was a major problem and they said that it was.

    Hartford then sent me, with a tracking number and all, my ‘real’ insurance policy. Note that this policy was given to me for the first time approximately four months after I had made a second or third premium payment. My ‘real’ policy was over 100 pages and contained language that had I had never seen. Had I seen this and upon initially purchasing the insurance, I would have demanded more coverage, not made the critical business decisions I had, and would have also purchased an umbrella policy under another insurer or insurance company.


    I know… Very hard to believe right? I assure you this is a completely true summary of events. But wait, it gets better. I contacted Chasteen Insurance Agency and Tom Chasteen specifically in following the advice of Hartford Underwriters Insurance Company. Tom Chasteen first told me my policy was cancelled due to lack of payment. I told him my policy was in perfect standing when I made my initial claim and that after refusal to pay my claim, why would I keep paying for a bad policy. Then Tom Chasteen told me I’m not covered for my claim due to this and that. I told Chasteen Insurance Agency and Tom Chasteen directly the following:

    Stop playing games with me and address the point. The point is I made and have a legitimate claim. You gave me one policy and Hartford gave me another. I didn’t even receive my ‘real’ policy for months after I purchased it and right after my legitimate first claim and the only claim I have ever made in business in my life. I asked Tom Chasteen who was supposed to send me my policy in the first place and why didn’t I get it. Tom Chasteen, the owner of Chasteen Insurance Agency ‘didn’t know.’ Note also that while per the original policy, I would and should have recovered well over $100,000. I told Chasteen that I would settle for $25,000 and that my only interest was to save my company. They of course refused to do anything or even lift a finger.

    The damage Chasteen Insurance Agency has done to me, my family, and my business is something I never want to see happen to innocent and hard working people and companies. I hope the State revokes their license and closes them down but that can take months and there are appeal processes. Be warned by my words and feel free to contact me via email at busy1ru@yahoo.com if you are a victim. It would be my pleasure to assist and direct you.

    Your audience is appreciated

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    Re: Chasteen Insurance Agency *

    I am the former employer of the "gentleman" that has been dogging Chasteen Insurance for some time now, and I am posting this review to help to correct the image that my former employee tried to create. It has come to my understanding that Mr. Drew was greatly upset because several of his accounts switched their policies to Chasteen due to better rates and service. Instead of trying to better understand his clients needs, he instead posted malicious statements regarding his competitors. I sincerely regret that this occured, and I encourage any and all consumers to contact my competitor, Chasteen Insurance, and compare their quality service and products with ours.

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