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Thread: Debt Purchase

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    Re: Debt Purchase

    Evidence of Mr Jack's comments

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    Re: Debt Purchase

    First off, this whole scam and it's explanation here is based on a bass ackwards understanding of the legal concept of property, the oldest legal concept in both English and American law. The "Debt" is an asset, of the LENDER not the borrower, to whom it is a liability. You cannot transfer a liability without the the counterparty agreeing to it. You cannot sell the "debt" because you don't own the debt, the lender does (and it's listed as an asset on his balance sheet). He can sell it, and let someone else collect the payments, but those payments are HIS property, the obligation to make them is the borrowers, and this cannot be sold.
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    Re: Debt Purchase

    Hunter don't worry people who bark don't bite. This raciest m----r f----r does not konw whats about to hit him. his mail shows he's standing for the wrong party, it should have been BNP. :madgo:. If he does not answer to Nick Clegg then he must be running a political party of his own and should be called foul mouth party:2gunsfiring_v1:

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    Re: Debt Purchase

    David has today felt it necessary to resign as a PPC for the Lib Dems due to professional & personal reasons - wonder what these might be.....let's have a think????

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    Re: Debt Purchase

    Lib Dem candidate resigns over racist email
    Updated on 19 January 2010
    By Channel 4 News

    David Jack, a parliamentary candidate for the Liberal Democrats in Stoke North, has resigned after an offensive email was sent from his official email address. Warning: you may find the language used extremely offensive.

    The Liberal Democrats have launched an investigation into the incident after learning about it earlier today.

    A spokesperson said: "We were first alerted to this email exchange earlier today. David Jack is no longer a parliamentary candidate for the Liberal Democrats and we have launched an immediate investigation."

    Channel 4 News Political Correspondent Cathy Newman has spoken to Mr Jack, who denies sending the email, which contains sexually offensive and racist language - although he admits it did come from his official email account. Mr Jack said he had been drinking in Stoke last Friday night when the email was sent at 10.24pm but he was nowhere near his home computer in Cheshire.

    The email contains the following sentences (we have removed any reference to the recipient to protect their identity, but Channel 4 News can confirm it was sent to someone with a name of Asian extraction).

    Warning: you may find the language used extremely offensive.

    "...if I was you I would f*** back off to the hills of tora borro (sic), I have your home address, you are f***** sunshine, we shall see who has got balls now you two faced lying f****** paki... your cards f*****... prison awaits you b** boy. Think your (sic) brave, you don't know the line you have crossed you f*** witt (sic) - keep looking over you shoulder theif! (sic)"

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    Re: Debt Purchase

    :2gunsfiring_v1:Yes sure he was out drinking. We have proof of other emails he sent using similar abusive language. Was he drunk or out on the slosh then as well. This is only the start Mr Jack you are soon going to have to do a lot of defending sunshine. Being on channel 4 news is only the start of things to come. You could have kept these threads clean and just stuck to the arguments that you started, but no because you were being exposed you had to show your true colors. A copy of your email has gone to a prominent Asian business man who knows your boss at the state agent you work for, and that would be???? oh yes Century 21. Good luck Mr Jacks

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    Re: Debt Purchase

    David Jacks finds a new home since being kicked out of the Lib Dems ..... See BNP (British National Party) Link


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    Re: Debt Purchase

    :madgo:Mr Jacks just can't stop lying. this is his quote in metro.co.uk when asked about his racist mail "Mr Jack, a consumer claims manager, last night said the racist e-mail must have been sent by someone with whom he was having a dispute.

    Well he was having a dispute with Zafar mir, so has Mr Mir hacked into Jacks computer and sent a racist email to himself. I will now copy and paste rest of the artical from the same paper, looks like this is not a first racist remark as you will read below.

    John Higginson - 20th January, 2010 Share|

    Lib Dem hopeful David Jack resigns over racist e-mail row

    A prospective Liberal Democrat MP was forced to resign yesterday after allegedly sending a racially abusive e-mail.

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    Resignation: David Jack
    David Jack quit as prospective parliamentary candidate for Stoke North after a message sent from his e-mail account called someone a f*****g P**i.
    He has denied sending the e-mail but said he was standing down to avoid adverse publicity for the party.
    A Liberal Democrat spokesman said yesterday: We were first alerted to this e-mail exchange earlier today.
    David Jack is no longer a parliamentary candidate for the Liberal Democrats and we have launched an immediate investigation.
    Threads on a blogging website also apparently show Mr Jack attacking Stoke Central Conservative candidate Norsheen Bhatti.
    He is quoted as saying: She is doing what many modern british asian women have started to do and that is stuff everyone else, look after number one first.
    She has been foosted [sic] on stoke and when she leaves because she has lost we will all be labeled racists but the facts are that she is another tory token asian. In another post, Mr Jack appears to call Liberal Democrat leader Nick Clegg a c*ck.
    What a c*ck, tell CLeggy, nowt he can do, i dont answer to him, he blogged. Mr Jack claims he is the victim of a smear campaign.
    Andrew Large, Conservative prospective parliamentary candidate for Stoke North, said people would be appalled by the comments from the wannabe MP. The Liberal Democrats will now have to select a candidate whose views better fit with modern Britain

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    Re: Debt Purchase

    Hi Guys

    I don't know if anyone knows this, but I have heard that David Jack has a conviction for Drink Driving ....!!!!!!!!

    Does anyone know if this is true?

    But the most shocking revelation is that he has allegedly received income from Century 21 and NOT declared it to the Inland Revenue!!!!

    Don't ask me how I came by this information but I would like to know if anyone can verify either point?

    I fully expect Fat Jacks Racist Friends to jump to his defence, with comments like ".... he is innocent until proven guilty". But i wouldn't expect anything different from his Racist friends who would probably feel more at home with the BNP or the KKK!

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