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    Racism at Florida Boot Camp?

    Why haven't the guards been arrested? Seven white guards beat up on a black 14 year old youth, causing his death and THEY aren't arrested? Give me a break. They have the video, you can see what is going on. They didn't take this long to arrest the Duke University players. See VIDEO.

    ************************************************** *

    Autopsy Ties Boy's Death to Boot Camp
    Published: May 6, 2006

    Martin Lee Anderson, a 14-year-old boy who died in January a day after entering a boot camp in northwest Florida, died from suffocation and not sickle cell trait, a new autopsy released yesterday concluded.

    The initial medical examiner in Bay County contended that the boy had died from the rare condition of sickle cell trait despite a video that showed guards at the boot camp beating him. But State Attorney Mark Ober, who was appointed by Gov. Jeb Bush to investigate Martin's death, ordered a new autopsy.

    Mr. Ober released the autopsy results, but did not make any arrests yesterday and said in a statement that he had no "timeline" for completing the investigation.

    At a press conference in Tallahassee the boy's parents, Gina Jones and Robert Anderson, and their lawyer, Ben Crump, thanked Governor Bush, Mr. Ober and the Hillsborough County medical examiner, Vernard I. Adams, a medical doctor who conducted the second autopsy.

    "The truth is out," Ms. Jones said. "We all knew how Martin passed away so I am relieved and happy today. It's a beginning. Justice needs to be served."

    Dr. Adams concluded that the beating on Jan. 5 by boot camp guards left bruises but did not directly cause Martin's death. Guards punched and choked the boy after he said he was unable to finish running laps. The beating was captured on tape.

    "Martin Anderson's death was caused by suffocation due to actions of the guards at the boot camp," Dr. Adams said in a release.

    He added, "The suffocation was caused by manual occlusion of the mouth, in concert with the forced inhalation of ammonia fumes that cause spasms of the vocal cords, resulting in internal blockage of the upper airway."

    Dr. Adams consulted with several pathologists as well as a pediatric critical-care specialist and a pediatric hematologist. He also asked NASA to improve the quality of the videotape, and it reduced glare and inserted a digital clock.

    While the parents were satisfied with the release of the second autopsy, members of the Florida Black Legislative Caucus expressed anger that no arrests had been made.

    "If the guards caused his death, then they need to be arrested immediately," said State Senator Frederica A. Wilson, a Democrat from Miami, who added, "We can't accept that."

    The death has sparked protests and was partly to blame for the sudden resignation of one of Florida's top law-enforcement officials. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement executive director, Guy Tunnell, resigned after the discovery that he had sent e-mail messages to the Bay County sheriff discussing the continuing investigation into the death. After the discovery, Mr. Ober removed Mr. Tunnell's agency from any role in the investigation.

    Governor Bush appointed Mr. Ober after criticism of the initial autopsy done by the Bay County medical examiner, Dr. Charles Siebert. It concluded that Martin died from complications of sickle cell trait.

    Dr. Siebert said yesterday that he stood by the findings of his autopsy.

    "I am still sticking to my findings at this point, since I don't have any proof of his findings, said Dr. Siebert, who added that he had ruled out suffocation as a cause of the boy's death based on hospital reports that, Dr. Siebert said, indicated that the amount of carbon dioxide in the blood were low.

    Dr. Siebert said that there was an "automatic" assumption that Dr. Adams's results were correct and that "is very premature at this point." He also said he expected the Florida Medical Examiners Commission to assemble a probable-cause panel to review if there was any wrongdoing and whether his licenses should be revoked.

    "I don't see a way of avoiding it," Dr. Siebert said.

    Mr. Bush said in a release that he considered the actions of the Bay County boot camp guards "deplorable" and that he was committed to providing any resources Mr. Ober might need to complete the investigation "as quickly as possible."

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    Re: Racism at Florida Boot Camp?

    It will take national outrage to get these guys arrested. Then they will delay trials until it is forgotten, they may lose a little pay, but I doubt they will ever see prison. Why were they kicking him and beating him anyway? They said he was having trouble staying consciousness, did they think beating him and kicking him was going to help? Our cops are beyond repair, just like our Government, we need to clean house. We need all new Senators and Congressmen, new police, at least those on the street. I have always said we should have cops serve from a draft. Everyone should be required to serve six months, or two years, what ever works out. Police after a few years become jerks, never believing any thing any one tells them, even when it is the truth. Prosecutors will try to convict an innocent man just to make their conviction rate look good. Now our Vice President is starting crap with Russia, is he crazy? A man that lives in a glass house should never throw stones. I dont see any chance of this country being saved, our children are going to be left with crap.

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