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    Gibline Non Payments

    Has anyone experienced not being paid by Giblink...I live in Australia and my commisions were paid into the Global Money Card...when I went to retrieve my commissions I had to send details of my passport and driving licence....I was then told by GMC that their assets(30M) had been frozen by the US government but did not say why and that I would have to wait till they were released before I got my money...having smealt a rat I decided to quit Giblink that was 6 months ago...I have sent APPROX 25 emails to both Giblink Billing and GMC requesting my money be paid...Gibline offered to help at first since then they have not responded....the last email to GMC came back address unknown.
    Has anyone had the same treatment or could clarify this situation please...

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    Re: Gibline Non Payments

    Not quite clear what you should get money for from looking through website. Giblink looks like illegal pyramid where the only way to make money is by recruiting others. Highly illegal.

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