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    Directory Scam - Vision Information Inc

    Vision Information Inc. sends "Profile Authorization" fax message to companies. See attached scan.

    Vision Information Inc.
    163 Third Avenue
    Suite 109
    New York, NY 10003 U.S.
    Tel : 1 212 208 4363
    Fax : 1 212 208 3021
    Email : profiles@S-I-Dir.com

    The profile authorization is for the inclusion of company contact details in one of their directories which are basically websites. They have many.

    Railway Industry Directory http://railway-industry.org/
    Aerospace Industry Directory http://aerospace-industry.net/
    International Food Directory http://i-f-dir.com/
    Banking Industry Directory http://banking-industry.org/
    Pharmaceutical Industry Directory http://www.p-i-dir.com/
    International Securities Directory http://international-securities.com/
    International Oil & Gas Directory http://i-o-g-d.com/
    Chemical Industry Directory http://www.c-i-dir.com/
    International Electric Power Directory http://i-e-p-d.com/
    Shipping Industry Directory http://www.s-i-dir.com/
    Corporate Profiles Directory Middle East http://cpd-mideast.org/

    This type of scam is common and plays on the fact that companies regularly receive such type of requests for their details by fax or email for free inclusion in directories and also is usually offered a premium type of listing for an appropriate fee.

    Whilst some of these scams hide in tiny text something like "by signing this document i hereby authorise a subscription for $$$$ etc" the one from Vision Information blatantly states :

    terms : the directory profiles rate is $9,850 and includes full production and updating for 12 consecutive month profiles.

    But stupid employees on occasion do not read it properly and do not expect something like that and so go ahead and sign it and fax it to Vision Information.

    Then Vision Information send invoices and after a few months appoint a debt collection agency to start harrassing the company for payment threatening legal action. Probably the threats on occasion work.

    Since the Railway Directory and Food have only 8 listings each they are probably not padding out the directories so this round (reading the current sites labelled December 2009) they probably have about 201 victims. Therefore the potential haul would be say max about $2m if everyone paid. Of course they wont though. probably some do or they would not try this.

    If we look at the domain names the majority were created in 2001 so this has been going on for some time.

    s-i-dir.com Jan/01
    i-e-p-d.com Oct/01
    c-i-dir.com Jan/01
    international-securities.com Apr/01
    p-i-dir.com Jan/01
    i-f-dir.com Oct/01
    aerospace-industry.net Mar/02
    i-o-g-d.com Apr/08

    suppose they hide behind their "contract" but i guess some people lose their jobs signing those papers in error and it causes misery so it must be considered a scam.

    Is there any laws in US against this?

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    Re: Directory Scam - Vision Information Inc

    So I am wondering, what legal repercussions does a company like this have? I mean, if the crux of your business model relies on : "haha, I have your signature" then how can they rationalize that into "we are providing a service and deserve compensation." I think in addition to this, the lack of customer satisfaction gained from the interaction should allow the consumer to back out of it a bit and refuse payment. I wish I knew more about the laws surrounding these situations. Corporate Travel Coordinators of America and National Telecommunications have set up scams which snare lots of hotels, it seems.

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    Re: Directory Scam - Vision Information Inc

    Guys, www.scamstoppers.com saved me 800$ today! They have all the answers to what these scammers can and cannot do. You'd be surprised with how quickly it could happen also. Before finding them, I contacted 2 other "similar" agencies yet both wanted money before even asking me for my full name! At least this company did something for me and once they proved themselves is when I had to write them a check. With how much they managed to save me, it was next to nothing. Check them out, ask for George, he helped me and was incredibly respectful and patient. I asked a lottttt of questions so he will take care of you I'm sure!
    Hope you guys see the same results

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