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    Clickmoney took my money and has refunded it!

    I signed up (foolishly) for an ad that said 2 weeks FREE access to Clickmoney for $1. That means they had my credit card details. I signed up .....wrong way....mistake....rewind......big big mistake!

    Then the site said that I had a FREE trial starting today for 7 days! What happened to the other week? But I thought I'll read through...... another statement (also false) said I would receive a CD in the mail, however, my FREE trial started today! So not to wait for the CD!

    So I had a look around. All seemed a bit complicated and so I thought I'd give it a day or two until I could devote the time to it.

    But then 2 days later, my credit card account got hit with a $142 fee..... I still had no emails from Clickmoney, no CD, nothing! Not even in my spam box!

    So I thought I'd go to the members site and register a complaint and ask for a refund. I did receive a nice email saying they were waiting to help me, just ring (America) from Australia and they would get right onto it.

    So I went back into the members site again and did the live chat thing. This gave me no help either, just told me they couldn't pay as it was all written in the Terms and Agreement I had been sent in my email (what email)?

    Just a license to take money from my account. So beware, if 1 million people sign on for a 2 week FREE trial, then guess what, the company has made a cool $129 million!

    Another lesson learnt the hard way! so I hope this prevents some others from being taken in by Clickmoney!


    I have now, 3 days later had my money refunded after after 3 emails to the company stating my position. Thus the company has shown good faith and done the right thing. I explained my position to them and that I felt it was morally and ethically wrong to take people's money without waiting for the trial period to end first and that I should have been asked to authorise any further payment.

    I hope this helps some of you who are seeking to find genuine Work at Home opportunities.:sun_smiley:
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