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    Retired Millionaire-scammer

    I, unfortunately, fell prey to this scammer late Summer 09.
    I broke my rule of doing a background check and bought his system. He did say that he only checks his email every few days, implying because he is retired, but he WILL reply.
    NOT TRUE: this is a lie!!!
    I sent several emails invoking his "guarantee" only to find he does NOT refund as stated.

    Adding to my dismay, I did the background check later and found out others had difficulty in getting their refunds, too. However, they were fortunate enough to finally get theirs.

    I have NOT been that lucky.


    It is obvious how he made his money and why he is hidden in "retirement".:madgo:

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    Re: Retired Millionaire-scammer

    The whole concept "retired millionaire" is an oxymoron. You can be retired from your profession, but how do you get retired from your money? That should be a first clue. Second clue is word "millionaire". Any company or website with this name is either get rich quick scheme or dating website.

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