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    Real Estate Scam

    Mohawk Incorporated Las Vegas

    This company sold homes for $18500 that they said would collect at least $400 a month in rent and have property management to assist. They stated these homes were worth at least $45000 each. Myself and hundreds of other investors bought homes from these individuals. Since June 2008, I have not received my title or deed as promised and certainly no income!

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    Re: Real Estate Scam

    Quote Originally Posted by iamwil View Post
    Why does anyone purchase property without hiring their own real estate attorney title agent to represent them???

    We are only talking 3-600 dollars folks...

    Always use YOUR OWN attorney!!
    Lack of education and greed. These scam outfits tell you that you can buy homes for half of their value and collect sure rent while house appreciates. At some point, after good sales presentation and some strong arming, people just forget about due diligence altogether.

    I also wander, what kind of house can you get between $18K-45K? In what state and what area you can buy house for that kind of money and do not get some long abandoned property in need of total renovation?

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    Re: Real Estate Scam

    The Bickering Sibling Scam: This scam is very prevalent all over Latin America. This is when the house is owned by various people and some of the owners try to sell the property while other legal owners don’t wish to sell. This can lead to big problems for you if you pay someone before getting this legally cleared up.

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