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Thread: mail order scam

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    mail order scam

    Geneva watch samp les 98% off
    Get your risk free watch for $1.00 pluse shipping - Then it is charged to you and shiped. Later to find that you owe an additional $89.00 A scam and deceiving .

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    Re: mail order scam www.wholesale-deals.co.uk

    I had this same problem with wholesale-deals.co.uk , It will not let anyone do this to me again

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    Re: mail order scam

    I am sorry to tell you this guys, but I received this e-mail and of course it looked too good to be true, so I goggled Geneva Watch scam and found this thread with your experiences, later on, I went to the same website with the alleged scam and guess what, it's all in there, on terms and conditions, meaning, technically this is not a scam, because they are telling you in advance "what are they going to do to you", then they are "asking for your permission" to do it to you" and then, after you aknowledge to those terms and conditions (of course without bothering to read them because you are too busy), then they screw you in a perfectly legal way. Sorry folks, this has happened to me a good amount of times, nobody is perfect. Lesson: Read ALL OF THE TERMS AND CONDITIONS, before acknowledging anything, this is no different than signing a contract from a nice guy in a shiny suit promising to make you rich and stealing all of your money the next day.
    The terms and conditions can be found on:
    which is at the bottom of the infamous web page:

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