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    I need to talk to the MOD - HELP PLEASE

    Hi there

    I have made a report about a company listed here. And I know that they will come on here and slander my business and make a fake report on my company.
    I have come on this forum to worn others about this company and now I think that its going to back fire and dammage my business
    I am written to you to let you know that my company is not listed on this site as being a rip off.

    so when you see this comment you will know that its a fake report given to my company.
    please can you help me and remove this ?
    many thanks

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    Re: I need to talk to the MOD - HELP PLEASE

    you are the scam police?

    i don't tell anybody where i work because, of course, crooks would make up lies about my company.

    we will have to wait to see what's posted before we decide what to do about it, if anything.

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    Re: I need to talk to the MOD - HELP PLEASE

    Thank you for the message. Its a shame that when people make a review and tell their story that it can back fire. I have all proof if I need to send it to you later

    many thanks

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