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    E.M. Services Company

    Are they legite? They are out of the UK. Want shiping/rec mgrs.

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    Re: E.M. Services Company

    I am sure that somebody will explain you in details, but here goes my short explanation. It is a scam. There are no legitimate work at home jobs in shipping/reviving packages.

    This is how it works. Some scammer in Nigeria bought stolen credit card number from another scammer in Russia. Now he needs some naive intermediary to drain this credit card account. That would be you. He will buy expensive hot items with stolen credit card and ship it to your address. You will repack package and ship it to him to Nigeria. In a month, owner of the credit card will find unauthorized charges and will go directly to police. And police will go to your place. Since scammer outside US in third world country, you will be responsible for all repayments.

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