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    Info on IFC (Holdings) Limited?

    While looking for angel financing for my company, I was contacted by Adrian Gower of IFC Holdings, purportedly London-based.

    Mr Gower stated that my loan was approved. He sent me a term sheet which I signed. Then he informed me that I would have to pay a several-thousand dollar fee for due diligence.

    I declined to pay the fee. Then he offered to pay half the fee. I still declined. Then he proposed to bring in an associate company that would pay the due diligence fee on my behalf, but required my bank account and credit card information in order that the associate could remit funds to my card. He declined to put me in direct contact with that company, and my efforts to locate it by name were unsuccessful.

    IFC Holdings apparently has no Website. Mr Gowers consistently requested that I phone him; he never phoned me. He sent me two documents that were authored by other companies: INVESTAMBER LTD, and CAFFERATTI GROUP. The latter he described as "a quick finance/soft loan facilitating network, they liaise with other financial institutions for immediate cash into credit cards and other line of credit."

    My bank informed me that cash cannot be transferred to credit cards.

    I would add that these documents sent to me were written with poor grammar.

    Has anyone had personal contact with Mr Gower or his company? Before giving my credit card and banking info I'd like to do some due diligence of my own.

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    Re: Info on IFC (Holdings) Limited?

    Dear Sir,

    I was recently contacted by Mr. & Mrs. Tony Robin who stated they were interested in ******* our product line. www.lamatec.com. Mr. Robin fowarded our Executive Summary to his advisor (IFC Holding) and told me that IFC would be in contact with me after their review. I too received a terms and condition sheet for the investment sum of a $1,000,000.00 U.S. Dollars. Can you tell me anything more about you findings on IFC. Thank you. Please foward any info you might have to LTC@lamatec.com.

    Joe T.

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    Re: Info on IFC (Holdings) Limited?

    sorry, old scam, advance fee fraud.

    in real life, if there is a fee, it is taken from the proceeds.

    if you pay in advance for a loan, there is no loan. no, don't give the crook your credit card number, either.

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    Re: Info on IFC (Holdings) Limited?

    Hey LTC,

    Nothing new. I informed the supposed investor that I would not accept an arrangement where I must pay in advance or give banking info. Never heard from him after that.

    He started out with me in a way similar to what you reported. A "wealthy investor" contacted me, said he liked my product, and that he would have his financial adviser contact me.

    But these guys are pretty obvious. They have Nigerian accents, poor grammar, don't initiate phone calls, and submit documents written by other parties with doubtful backgrounds per reports on the Internet. For fun, look at the properties of your term sheet and see who the author was.

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    Re: Info on IFC (Holdings) Limited?

    I agree with mumbles, scam. As you figured out by searching and doing your due diligence companies are not giving away money to strangers on the internet.

    In case you were wondering why the scammers never call you but insist you call them, there is a simple reason for that. Cell phone calling plans in most southern African countries are the pre-paid kind where the user purchases minutes or a sim card. These types of plans allow for free incoming calls and only charge minutes for outgoing calls. So, if you call the scammer, it cost him nothing but his time. If he calls you, it uses his precious expensive minutes.
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