Doctor Who Attended to President John F. Kennedy in Dallas Dies
QUICK! JFK TRUTHERS! YOU HAVE TO RUN AT ONCE TO THE University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center!

Doctor Malcolm Perry just died of cancer at the age of 80! This was certainly the work of the secret Jewish, Italian, CIA, FBI, NAACP Kabol!

Someone saw Barney the Dinosaur running from the building screaming J Edger Hoovers name and shouting that the son of bitch doctor was dead!

This latest death in the JFK conspiracy must have your full attention so quick, stop the STAR TREK DVD and ask your mom to drive you to the University!

They also reported 17 gunshots from 100 rifles atop 200 buildings! Go conspiracy chuckers!

As for the more sane of us....we still appreciate the valliant attempt Doctor Perry made to save President Kennedy who was gunned down by a lone loser named Lee Harvey Oswald, those are the facts and the Doctor lived a long and good life.