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Thread: Is This A Scam?

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    Is This A Scam?

    Work at Home Job Offer (Dispatching)

    I have a Part time job offer for you.

    Well, what the job entails is writing/issuing of money orders to clients in the U.S.A. We will have some blank money orders mailed to you and also the names of clients which you are to issue the money orders to via fedex/usps.

    I will also be sending you a fedex prepaid shipping documents which you will print and attach to each envelope before mailing it and thats where you need a printer. So once you have written a clients name on the money orders, you put it in a envelope, attach the labels to the envelope and mail it .

    You will be payed $500 per week for issuing 50-100 money orders to clients and thats for the first 2 weeks..Once we see that you are fast and efficient in mailing the money orders, you get a bonus payment of $100 everyweek...

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    Re: Is This A Scam?

    Yes it is.
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    Re: Is This A Scam?

    Sure sounds fishy to me

    D :2gunsfiring_v1:

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    Re: Is This A Scam?

    Yes, it is a scam. You get to send fake money orders to unsuspecting victims using a stolen UPS/FedEx account number. The victims are told various stories as to why they need to cash the money orders and Western Union/moneygram the cash back to the scammer. You won't be paid, why would the scammer split his ill-gotten gains with you? All you have is his fake name and free email address. Later, when UPS and FedEx figure out you sent the envelopes, you get the bill for thousands in shipping charges.

    Could you post up the email and the scammer's email address? That way other potential victims might find this thread when they google for the information.

    Sorry, but there are not legit jobs printing, mailing or cashing checks/money orders. There also are not legit jobs accepting packages, reboxing the contents and reshipping them overseas.
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