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    Reporting Fraud and Scams to the Proper Authoritie

    The act of reporting fraud and laying charges is quite different from the process of seeking restitution from the criminals. What they have in common though, is the labyrinth nature of determining the agency responsible for effective action.
    In addition to reporting the crime to your local police, the state or provincial police, the RCMP, the FBI, the Secret Service, the post office, the phone company, the local paper and television station, the BBB, your credit card company, your bank[COLOR=#F8941D ! important][COLOR=#F8941D ! important][/COLOR][/COLOR], your Attorney General, the local and state/provincial/federal Department of Consumer Affairs, the SEC, or any and all other relevant securities administrators and regulatory agencies for each state and province, and country. The following agencies have a complaint tracking system to determine trends and gather evidence for prosecution.

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    Re: Reporting Fraud and Scams to the Proper Author

    James E. Silvesrtein a lawyer in los angeles is scamming the vulnerable .

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