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    Adam Dreamhealer


    Experience SELF-EMPOWERMENT at Adam’s one-day events as he merges the auras of all participants and performs two unique group energy treatments. Adam is a graduate in Molecular Biology and Biochemistry, internationally renowned energy healer, best selling author and speaker . Adam combines his First Nations healing background with channeled insights and academic background in Molecular Biology to make for a very eye opening and memorable healing event.
    As proteins are dynamic in nature, they are constantly changing their conformations. Certain conformations enhance the rate of a reaction more than others which we describe as being more enzymatically active. Here’s the important part. This means that just the smallest change in structure or orientation of any part of this protein has dramatic effects on its enzymatic activity and, consequently, our health. Metabolism is based on enzyme (which is a protein) activity and these enzymes are directly influenced by our intentions and thoughts.

    You can now appreciate that there is no such thing as an idle or neutral thought. This should be a huge motivation for you to practice positive thoughts.Specifically, just how are proteins chemically changed by intentions? Every time we think a thought, many chemical reactions occur and every chemical reaction emits light. This has been known for decades. In fact, we use this light-emitting feature to identify a substance by running light through it and observing which light frequencies it absorbs and which light it emits. So a thought actually becomes a “light-emitter".
    The scheme never dies, only the schemer.

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    Re: Adam Dreamhealer

    Hello Adam! It has been 5 years since I was healed 100% from the Fibromyalgia and continue to live a full and productive life. Its been wonderful watching how Adam is continuing in his healing career etc. Hats off to you! Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas. Where did the last 5 years go? May the path you walk remain straight and the blessings you receive be given back ten fold. Kindest regards, Carol C:liefde:

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    Re: Adam Dreamhealer

    Adam Dreamhealer put his reputation on the line when he planned this very ambitious research project. He was elated that over 10,000 worldwide confirmed their participation in the world's largest intention heals project. Since 2003 he has held large group healing sessions where the collective intention of the group creates the ideal environment for healing. His visualizations are powerful tools that help to focus intentions and this has helped thousands of people accelerate their own healing. Over the years many people have joined in these healing sessions remotely from around the world. Every one of us has the innate capacity to heal ourselves and these group energy treatments provide an experience to help awaken the healer within all of us.

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    Re: Adam Dreamhealer

    The results of Adam's research can be found in this article: http://www.intentionheals.com/compon...ent/article/72

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