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    Fraudulent Web Site - - Scam!!

    Fraudulent company and www.FakePassports.Ws is TOTAL SCAM!!!

    I bought a passport and turned 1650 U.S. dollars by Western Union he but did not send me my document.
    Ask you a picture and information
    Garlic Bacrlo copy of the passport, but occupying
    And items

    His address

    First name: IGOR
    Last name: SOLNTSEV
    Country: RUSSIA

    Aleksey Smirnov (
    23 Novinsky Boulevard
    Suite 129
    Moscow, 107007
    Tel. +7.74999018403

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    Re: Fraudulent Web Site - - Sc

    The error of your ways was pointed out in THIS thread. I'll close this one as a duplicate.


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