I received an e-mail today as follows:

Ahemian Industrial Co Ltd .
No .57 to 59, Lane 101
North District Tai Nan
Taiwan 704

We are exporters based in the Taiwan. We export raw materials into Asia and into Europe, America and Australia. Our company, Ahemian Industrial Co. Ltd was established in 2003. We are interested in employing your services, to work with us as our foreign payment receiving officer, who can help us eastablish a medium of recieving payment on our behalf for Goods and raw materials we supply to our clients in Europe, America or Australia.

Subject to your satisfaction with this proposal, you will be made our foreign payment receiving officer in your region. If you decide to work for us, please forward to us immediately , your phone/fax number and your full contact address via email to ahemianindustrial@yahoo.com.hk

We anxiously await your response.

Lee Yen,
General Manager;
Ahemian Industrial Co. Ltd
Be aware of these scams they will take your entire bank account and more. If this isn't a scam they why would they need someone over seas as a "payment receiving officer"? They also would not be using yahoo for their professional e-mail. These loosers need to get a life.