This post is about a guy Vadim Verveda AKA Gary Johnston who has been ripping people off for years. Everything from insurance, ebay scams and lately retail/mail order scams.

I cannot believe this guy has yet to be caught.

His latest scam involves setting up sites selling beauty products. Some of his sites are:,, but there may be many more!

These products are advertised on reputable sites like Facebook, so appear to be genuine. He also uses Paypal, so you think you are safe.

YOU ARE NOT! I know this because I clicked on one of these facebook links, browsed the very professional looking site I was taken too. Read the genuine looking satisfield customer comments and ordered a product. The product never came, and within weeks the site was closed down. Paypal was no help whatsoever as Vadim had cleared out his Paypal account so they could not get my money back (nor do they appear to care). I have since learned that after that site closed ( another one ( was opened with a new Paypal account. Paypal apparently learned of this, and closed it down, but I guarantee he is still operating under a new name/line of products, so beware!

Keywords: Epila, xemos, Mutual Warranty, Vad Johnston