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    is this a scam!! help now plz!!!!

    Ok so I saw these 2 great computers for sale on ebay from 2 diff guys on ebay.

    The 1st one is: http://cgi.ebay.com/True-Gaming-PC-3...QQcmdZViewItem

    The 2nd oone is:

    So I want to know is are they both scams which one is the scam and which one isn't? Or are they both legit?

    Cuz it's really confusing please help me!!!

    I'd like to buy either one so please please help me chooose, please explain why it might or might not be a scam!!

    I really need to know, if it is a scam tell me how and why and if it isn't please tell me why and how since my dad is very reluctant to buy an ebay computer that cheap.

    Please reply ASAP thnks!

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    Re: is this a scam!! help now plz!!!!

    The 2nd offer looks legit, at least he is an establish ebayer, here is the link to his feedback page:


    4 negative out of 401 is a pretty good record.

    The 1st one is to new of a seller to really make a good decision on it.

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