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    Re: National Opportunities


    I also had the misfortune of being contacted by National Opportunities.
    I was sold a website to promote this
    wonderful business?? It was a store website and also included Mortgage
    and Health Insurance. That money went to a bank account in Laveen, AZ. I was then contacted by a person named Chris and agreed to purchase advertising. Then Mike Phillips got on the phone and told me what a wise decision I made and how privileged I was to be talking to him. He promised $10,000 a month commissions. I did not believe I would make that much, but if I at least made a quarter of that per month I would still be doing okay. Like a fool I agreed. Jack MacKenzie then contacted me about a domain name.
    We picked one out. What a joke. All they did was redirect it to that stupid generic site at TIO. I do know that a good web designer can design a nice website with the stores and have it linked to TIO, which includes the mortgage & health insurance, but I guess the website designer they hired
    probably just barely graduated from the bottom of the class.

    At the time I thought everything was legit. I know it takes time to earn commissions, so I waited and waited and waited. After 3 months I phoned Chris Stevens and asked about his advertising methods and was told it takes time. I also asked about the TV commercial and was told that was extra. He said I was getting the required number of hits to my website. I tried to phone Mike Phillps and his cell number he gave me is no longer valid.

    I believe those hits I am getting to my website are real. Here's why. TIO
    IS getting commissions from those stores and keeping them for themselves. They are using our websites and advertising money to do this. Oh,they may hand out a few commissions to some members to make it look good. That's why Mike Phillips can brag that he makes $500,000 a year. When you ask them about commissions, they say you are just unfortunate not to get any.

    I then suspected a scam and started hunting around on the net and found this forum. I am also planning on reporting these people to different government agencies. I know that I won't get money back right now because I did sign the contract and it
    does states no return on advertising. but I still think there still is a way. I just haven't figured it out yet. I will not give up without a fight. Hang in there everyone.

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