I opened a new checking account with Bank of America 2 months back. As part of the card activation I apparently applied for Private Assist and I had no clue what it was and did not bother too much till I got hit by a 12.99 hit on my account.

I called up the Private Assist and now the fun begins. They had no records of my registration with them and when I asked about the deduction, they had no clue.

Went to the Bank and spoke to the manager. I was asked to call the Private Assist supervisor.

I called Private Assist again and this time I was asked to fax my drivers license and proof of address to verify their records.

I faxed immediately.

4 weeks later, today, I got a letter confirming the receipt of the fax from Private Assist and asked me to call again for more information.

I called today and believe it or not, they had my record, but could not access it as they couldn't not verify me and was asked to fax my drivers license (again) and now the bank statement to prove the deduction, to prove my identity so that they can access their records to cancel the account they had...And yet they were regularly deducting money from my account...

Long story short, i went back to the bank manager and she was helpful enough to call up the same agent and presto!, now they could access my records and hopefully have canceled it with full refund.

Be very careful when you are activating your Bank of America card. Make sure you stay very very far from these Private Assist scamsters.