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    Has anyone had the following experience with this Niutech site before:

    12 of 18 offers were originally completed and when I checked today, 3 offers went from complete to not reported.

    *As I was talking to their support person*, 2 additional offers that were originally completed turned to not reported.

    I kid you not. Is this a new tactic?

    The support person insists that it has never happened before in his tenure at the company, and when I asked if I could fax my screenshots of previous completions over, he challenged it by saying that it must correspond to the gift I'm asking about. Not surprisingly, the gift itself is not listed on the gift status page.

    I should add that I did not cancel my offers.
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    Re: ConsumerIncentiveRewards

    They had a glitch today... it's fixed.
    Deth is always approaching, live while you can...

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    Re: ConsumerIncentiveRewards

    Quote Originally Posted by DethLOK
    They had a glitch today... it's fixed.
    That's a relief to hear. Yes, those offers of mine that became "not reported" have reverted back to "complete" again.

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