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    Business Support Solutions Scam

    Hello Everyone,

    I am trying to get out there how I was scammed by someone in Germany. It may have been more then one person I'm not sure. I was tricked into working for a fake company for a month before they put there plan into motion. They name they used was Business Support Solutions. They had me sign up for a messenger account with ICP. They had me fill out an application and sign an agreement form. After a month passed they put stolen money into my account. The bank I was with closed my account and said I was liable for the money that was stolen. They did not do a lot of research to find out who put the money there. Two of the names they used were Martha Klein and Katrina Becker. They may have stolen this companies Identity so I am hoping someone that reads this knows what I Am talking about so these people can get caught.
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    Re: Business Support Solutions Scam

    Sorry to hear you were scammed. Unfortunately you fell for a variation of the fake job scam. I can guess that you thought you were processing payments for an overseas company. The company name was either stolen from a legit company or made up by the scammer. The names used on the email account and on the 'deposits' could also have been stolen or made up. The deposits were reveresed becasue the e-check never made it or was stolen, the paypal account was stolen or spoofed or the credit card used was reported stolen.

    You probably withdrew the cash at the bank and sent the cash via Western Union or moneygram back to the scammer, sending it to another of his aliases.

    I am sorry to tell you that there is very little you can do. The scammers use fake names, pay for internet time at cyercafes in cash and pick up the cash using photochopped IDs. The person you were emailing has probably blocked your email and phone number. That person may or may not have been in Germany. To what address did you send the cash? That is probably nearer to where the scammer is truely located.

    Scammers are taking advantage of people looking for jobs in these poor economic times. When offered another job, google everything and ask everywhere. Sorry to say this but there are not legit jobs printing/sending/cashing checks, processing payments or receiving/repacking packages.

    If you still have them, could you post the orginal emails you were sent, the scammer's email address and phone number? The scammer is still out there ripping off others and posting the information could help someone else not become a victim.

    Post here, there and every scam-warning-fraud-watching site you can find.
    Found a scam or scammer's email address? Post it at scamwarners.com
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    Re: Business Support Solutions Scam

    If you're interested in sharing your development cost, let me know and we can talk more.

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    Re: Business Support Solutions Scam

    Hello Meri,

    You are correct to a point. They did transfer money into my account that was stolen. I did send the money Western Union to Poland. What they also did was have me doing data entry, pricing flights and hotel says, getting information on building and construction expos across the country, looking for homes to buy overseas and in the US. They had me doing work like this for a month. I would not have taken the job if they said I only had to do money transfers.

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    Re: Business Support Solutions Scam

    Hello Everyone,
    I have been searching the internet for the name of this company for the past 2 weeks since they offered me a position with there company. It seems they have changed there name not, they are now Corporate Support Solutions. There are actually 2 other companies on the internet with this same name but I couldn't seems to find any with there address. They are still "located in Germany" Bremen to be exact and so called have other offices in Paris, Ukraine and somewhere else but they are all overseas. They tell you that within the next month they will be opening an office your area, but that they need people to begin there leg work so they can break ground in the new year. The current names are Julia Mayer the hr manager and Eva Mullerthe hr assistant. Now that I have read tkbaby8301 statement I believe that the "2" people I spoke to on the ICQ Instant messenger are one in the same.

    The only reason I believed that they were somewhat legit is because they have you sign a non-disclosure agreement and everything. The number for them is currently 1(888) 754-9246 No one ever answers its just a woman with an accent saying that u have reached them.

    One of my first assignments were to find the 5 closest banks, 5 closest credit unions and 3 closest post offices place them on a spreadsheet in a table with hours of operation and telephone numbers. They told me my first check would come in 30 days and you make $1100 every 2 weeks and a possible bonus of $500 a month.

    Beware because they are very convincing and have taken there time to cover all bases to any questions you may have. But I do believe that they are state side because they stay on the computer with me until about 1 or 2 in the afternoon in "Germany" its almost 11:00 I know because I have friends there. No one is that dedicated to there job!

    Hopefully this is enough information to help the next person if you can think of anything else I could possibly tell you let me know because this is still fresh or me ...like yesterday fresh so if we can catch them early let me know!

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    Re: Business Support Solutions Scam

    Yes NuNu,

    That is exactly the same thing that happened to me. You should report what you know to the FBI so they can try to catch these people. I have more information on my blog located in my signature. I want people to go and look so that this does not happen to them. I am glad you found my blog because they are changing their company names and their own names every time. Hopefully more will find this blog so they can get caught. Thank you for telling your story.

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    Re: Business Support Solutions Scam

    It was Martha Braun and Julie Meyer with me. I also worked almost a month. I was contacted by my bank, got an insufficient funds charge because the account was temporarily frozen. The money transferred to my account was from an account that was hacked into, they sent a check back to that person account and I was informed I may end up being brought up on charges.

    It's nice to know I'm not the only one.

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