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    Next Level Technology is a Next Level Scam!!!

    Beware of South Florida-based Next Level Technology Group. NLT's owner, Steve Rosenthal's new scam is showing up at the business location and convincing the secretary he was "hired to re-network the computer system". After ruining virtually every terminal in your office, Next Level Technology will send the company an invoice for an astronomical amount, which if gone unpaid, will bring legal action against the company....and the owner of your company will have never even met the guy!! Beware of Next Level Technology, they are the Next Level Scam Artists!!!! South Florida is really a sunny place for shady characters. Beware of this man.
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    Re: Next Level Technology is a Next Level Scam!!!

    Thank you for the opportunity to response to this 'report'.

    The business that filed this slanderous report- US LOAN NEGOTIATORS- is still upset after losing my lawsuit filed against them in Palm Beach County Small Claims Court for non-payment. There, in a proper venue to resolve matters such as these, Next Level Technology & Steve Rosenthal did not have any difficulty establishing that the services performed were authorized to be performed by the principals of this 'mortgage modification boiler room' operation.

    We have a stellar reputation in Palm Beach County, FL. Due to fraudulent & slanderous
    allegations from one 'scam artist -oops, mortgage modifier', we have had to defend our reputation though the various outlets that permit unverified reporting to take place.

    There are some key elements to consider when hiring a company to do work. Do check references. Do verify the scope of the work prior to commencement. Regarding a website, the website could be anyone, anywhere - all you are looking at is what someone designed, an advertisement, and should not be a factor in establishing reputation.

    Last but not least, in addition to winning my lawsuit against them, I placed a call to the Delray Beach, Florida, Police Department to see what charges had been filed. After they researched the allegation, I received a report from their Police Chief , that there were no records of any kind filed against me or my company! Yet another false allegation brought forth by US LOAN NEGOTIATORS & Charles Bryon Andrews & Nicole Biscuiti.

    Thank you for permitting an opportunity to set the record straight!

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