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Thread: Kbr?

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    Not sure if this is the proper category so if I am in the wrong place let me know.

    I received an email job solicitation from what appears to be a recruiter for a major company, but:

    -noticed some grammar errors
    -the job title in the email title and that in the message body are similar but different
    -a different company is mentioned in the message body than the one listed in the email address
    -the reply email addy is the company initials then the recruiters last name @yahoo.com.....kbrjobs.recruiter'sname@yahoo

    Here is part of the body:

    * Coordinate and monitor investments
    * Responsible for day-to-day investment management
    * Schedule and coordinate management activities for existing and newly occupied facilities
    * Prepare correspondence, written reports, presentations, and brief clients and management personnel

    Position Qualifications:
    * Possess good communication and oral skills
    * Capable of writing clear and comprehensive reports
    * Highly motivated with great organizational, team, and customer service skills
    * Utilizes word processing (MS Word), spreadsheet (MS Excel), and database software (MS Access)

    We offer competitive salaries ($3500 + on start) and a comprehensivebenefits package, including full medical/dental insurance and 401(K)plan

    So, I am abit confused as to whether this is actually a scam or not.

    Anyone else received one of these or similar?

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    Re: Kbr?

    * Coordinate and monitor investments
    * Responsible for day-to-day investment management
    Do you have extensive experience in financial field posted to your resume? If not, it is typical money mule "position". Cashing fake checks are wiring money outside the country.

    Couple of hints for defeating this type of scam.

    1) Nobody is going to offer you position what seems to be finacial services without proper experience or education.

    2) No corporate email is sure sign of scam.

    3) At this point of time, every sizable company has its own website. If you can not find website or it is under 1 year old, chances are you are dealing with scam.

    4) If you feel that something is fishy, you have 95% chance that you are right.

    5) There are no legitimate work at home jobs that include cashing checks and wiring money.

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