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Thread: 100k Guarantee!

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    ddilligence Guest

    100k Guarantee!

    Sounds like a bunch of bunk doesn't it. I am not a member yet but it definitely aroused my curiosity!! PLEASE READ THE EXCERPT FROM THEIR WEB SITE BELOW...and let me know what you think! They offer a pretty strong guarantee and for those of you that don't have the time to market your online biz or have the financial resources to do so, this company could really come in handy. NOTE: THEY ARE ALSO THAWTE CERTIFIED. The red flag that came up with me was with the PayPal Verification logo listed on their web site. When you click on it, it only leads you to their order page instead of verifying their credibility with them. Ontop of that, they only accept payment via post or egold! HOWEVER, I WAS ABLE TO CONFIRM THE THAWTE CERTIFICATION!! Which for those of you who aren't familiar with THAWTE, I didn't before today, it's a third party company that verifies the legitimacy of an international online company! The company also has a very strong affiliate program. There is an initial one time web hosting fee of $169.00 but it is nothing compared to the service and THE GUARANTEE THEY OFFER YOU.
    THANX FOR ALL OF YOUR OPINIONS...We're all here to help right?? :)
    oh...and of course don't forget to check out their actual web site!! www.morethantraffic.com

    MoreThanTraffic.com is quickly revolutionising the way people make money from their web sites with a refreshing 'pay on results' payment model, which is good news for YOU as it's a totally risk free experience.

    Get results before you pay! - As you are only paying for results it's a very safe and cost effective way of marketing your products or services. We have to perform and deliver what we say we will to get paid for our service.

    Simply place an order with us and everything else is automated right up to the point of delivery. You DON'T need to touch a key on your keyboard after you order and you definitely DON'T require any sort of technical experience or understanding to use our service. You NEVER have to touch our software and will NOT ever be asked to interact with us in order to deliver our service. All we need from you is the order form. You can 'SKIP' through the technical jargon below as it's there for your information only, you have no need to read or even understand it.

    All you have to do is click the order button on the menu above, complete the form and submit it. We do the rest for you.

    To generate YOU the greatest income in the ' fastest possible time' from your existing web site our software will automatically engage 24 hours after you complete an order with us.

    Start the countdown...

    When you place an order one of our robot/agents will visit your existing web site to systematically seek and acquire relevant data that it has been pre-programmed to retrieve from it. We use this data to modify our software and generate a 'hybrid unique version' that's developed to only market YOUR web site and everything it sells.

    We purchase a 'relevant' domain name, server space and bandwidth on your behalf to upload our software which will create an extremely powerful software driven web site that will work for YOU 24/7, 365. This software-driven-web-site will grow exponentially to over 400MB in size with each page and every component containing hi-tech-micro-software that will communicate with the Web and its traffic sources. This part of the software is referred to as the 'base' which will grow every day after communicating with robots/spiders to ensure it contains data to match every search engine request possible.

    With pin-point accuracy our robot/agent will return data from your existing web site to our software portal and upload the information we acquired from your web site directly into our software's analyser to be used at the 'base' for deployment of its agents. Your existing website is referred to as the 'delivery site'.

    Using the data the robot/agent collected from your 'delivery site', we will instantly create a virtual platform to immediately deploy and launch other parts of our software. From here our robot/agent starts to auto-operate and digitally communicate with EVERY single search engine's robot/spider, like Google's.

    Our robot/agent uses all its inbuilt intelligence to communicate with every single search engine and their robots/spiders on the World Wide Web. At the same time it dialogues with your 'base' site's software constantly making it bigger and even smarter. At this point your 'base' starts to imitate every market place of the whole industry that you trade in. This action irreversibly starts calling immeasurable 'ultra-targeted' traffic to it from search engines like Google.

    While the 'base' software is interfacing and communicating with the whole of the World Wide Web it will also auto-install technologically advanced micro-software relating to both your 'base' and your 'delivery site' into more than a thousand of our purpose built 'highly ranked' software driven data delivery sites. This will create a HUGE network environment. These data delivery sites are known as the ' software network'.

    The 'software network' dispatches robots/spiders with instructions and directions to our software's highly advanced spider communication components. They will be instructed to visit each of the software driven sites in order to collect and disseminate relevant information and data that we use to feed the Internet about both your ' base' and 'delivery site'.

    Each of the 1000 'software network' data sites has been purpose programmed and strategically located on the Web to offer 'news' and 'valuable data/information' to the mass population of the Internet. Search engines and their respective robots/spiders crawl and analyse all of our software network's data sites insurmountable variable code plus content and deliver their immense traffic. In other words when anyone searches the Web using a 'search word or phrase' that's already been loaded into the software they will invariably land inside our network of data sites.

    We get search engine traffic for over half a million keywords contained in our 'software network' and when we add your relevant data to our software it will start to generate ultra-targeted search engine traffic from over 200,000 search engines and resources that will ultimately terminate at your 'delivery site'.

    Our 'software network' is perpetually delivered colossal search engine traffic every second round the clock, 24/7, 365 days a year. Each site within the 'software network'gets updated with the relevant data collected from your ' delivery site' and 'base'. The network's sites have all been pre-programmed to recognise the high volume of traffic that should be delivered to your site and seamlessly delivers it to a coded page in your base's software-driven-site.

    The traffic gets delivered to your 'base' and displayed a unique warming page that's especially coded to appear for the very search word/phrase entered at the search engine. Then the traffic is propelled to your 'delivery site' to buy or join up having been pre-warmed.

    Once on your web site the traffic will buy whatever products/services you want to sell them or pay to sign up with whatever program you are promoting. All you need to tell us on your order form is the URL of your 'delivery site' and what you want to sell the most of and we will do the rest right up to the point of 'high impact' delivery.

    The same way as the 'software network' delivers traffic it also pushes search engine robots/spiders directly to your ' delivery site' via the 'base'. The data that is collected en-route by the robot/spider sky rockets your delivery site relevance and search engine ranking forcing it to the top of results for the plethora of keywords we have fed them.

    NOTICE: Our service does not involve SPAMMING anyone. We DO NOT send marketing emails. We operate within the guidelines of all search engine's rules and regulations and we NEVER promote illegal content.


    * YOUR web site will be deluged by 'ultra-targeted ready to buy search engine traffic' that will buy your products and services or pay to join your business if you are promoting a business opportunity or network marketing program.
    * YOUR existing web site will jump to the top of all the best search engine's results for the keywords and content we fed them in the process above, to include Google of course.
    * YOU will sell MORE and EARN far greater profits BUT pay us our service fees subject to our 'income and performance guarantee' ONLY when we generate YOU 100,000$USD.

    Now you know the answer to the following questions;-

    How do some sites 'immediately' go to the top of the major search engines without trying?

    Have you ever wondered how some web sites get millions and millions of customers without advertising?

    The face of referral, member and customer marketing is about to change 'FOREVER' for those fortunate enough to start using our service in the 'limited introductory period'. Order today and YOU will get a life long account without paying us in advance ever.

    NEXT: Want to find out how long it'll take for us to deliver your DOT.com fortunes worth of ultra-targeted ready to buy traffic? ��$>>
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    All rights reserved. Copyright to MoreThanTraffic.com 2005/2006.

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    Re: 100k Guarantee!

    It is a total SCAM

    They have that nice big paypal logo then say this
    We often switch payment processors to limit the liability non payment so therefore we are unable to offer you PayPal until its their turn again
    Paypal is the only payment system with safeguards thats why they dont want to use it.

    If it was so great why charge the $168 (i hear it even has levels so can spend /lose more) now and not in 4 months?

    Why the big push to sign up other people? after all your going to make 100k in 4 months with just one legit website right?

    So if I start 100 website with them ...oh my GOD i am rich

    It is a good con tho...168 x 000's and he is rich even if you never hear of them again.

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    Re: 100k Guarantee!

    See this thraed for more info


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    Re: 100k Guarantee!

    I would say beware of ANYTHING that GUARANTEES $100,000..... if it were really that easy to make that much, then everyone would have it.
    I do not believe that MLM/Network Marketing is a bad business model. I believe it's the shady people in MLM that make it LOOK bad. As long as you work hard, run your business ethically, and work with ethical people, then MLM can help you reach your financial goals... whether it's just to make extra money on the side or a full-time income.

    "Never argue with an idiot. They just drag you down to their level and beat you with years of experience."

    Pink Zebra Sprinkles

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    Re: 100k Guarantee!

    Oh my God, all that for only $168.00. When will people stop falling for this targeted traffic nonsence. The blurb from that website comes straight out of a Matrix movie.

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