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    Honeywell International, Inc. Recruits

    Just received an email from "Honeywell International, Inc recruiting for Account Receivables representatives. Has anyone ever heard of this before? Apparently the lucky representative calls on local accounts, collects from Honeywell clients in the form of cashiers checks or money orders and then deposits these funds into their own personal bank account. Once this has happened, the representative is to forward 90% of the collection. The remaining 10% is their paycheck, along with a regular $1500 p/month salary. However, the responding email is not to a person with a Honeywell International corporate email. Sounds kinda fishy to me and I'm just wondering if anyone else has encountered similiar emails.
    Deb S.

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    Re: Honeywell International, Inc. Recruits

    It is typical Nigerian 419 Payment Processing scam. In short, check is fake and as soon as bank figure it out, you will be on hook for all the money you wired to this scam outfit.

    This is one of most popular scams on Internet. By this time, I am surprised that somebody has not heard about it.

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    Re: Honeywell International, Inc. Recruits

    Yes, I have heard of this type of 'job' before. It is a variation of the classic "cash the fake check and send most of the money to the scammer". If you call anyone, it will be the scammer himself or a buddy pretending to be a person who owes money to that company. It will be extremely easy to convince him to send you a check for 'payment'. He will forward your addres onto his check mule to send you (and a 50 other people who fell for his scam) a fake check. You will cash the check and Western Union or moneygram the cash back to him. In a week or so the check bounces and you are out the entire amount plus bank fees.

    If you still have his orginial email, could you post that as well? Posting the scammer's name, email address and scripted emails is one way to slow them down when a potential victim googles the information and finds your post.

    Something to keep in mind, there are not legit jobs printing, mailing or cashing checks for companies or indiviuals. There also are not legit jobs accepting packages for someone, reboxing them and sending the electronics somewhere else. When in doubt, even a teeny tiny amount of doubt, post here, there, everywhere on all the scam-warning-fraud-watching sites you can find, ask tons of questions. Google everything, name, email address, parts of the email, company name and phone number, you might be unpleasantly surprised at what you find.
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