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    National Sales Group- BEWARE!!

    National Sales Group is a "recruiting" service that has taken over most (if not all) job search engines. They give a discription of the potential sales job talking it up $50,000 + commission, etc. When you send in your resume they contact you and tell you that they are connected with 100's of companies looking for experienced sales professionals. They then charge you $29 to register with them. (what ever, I can live with that). They tell you that that is non-refundable. Hold on at this point because now that sales rep (on their end) starts talking like an auctionier. They ramble on about a "special promotion" and of course...you will decline because it cost an additional $60. Three weeks later...you get your CC bill and it has a $98 charge. You call to cancel...they ignore you. They will refund the $60 but...you are SOL on the $29 + S&H they fail to tell you about. STAY AWAY!!!!!! BBB (F-) Check them out yourself. No idea how they are in business.

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    Re: National Sales Group- BEWARE!!

    Sounds terrible

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    Re: National Sales Group- BEWARE!!



    The FTC sued National Sales Group in Illinois for advertising "nonexistent sales jobs" on Careerbuilder.com and other online job sites.

    The authorities accused the company of overcharging customers for background checks and also charging monthly fees without their consent, defrauding customers of $8 million and generating more than 17,000 complaints to law enforcement agencies and online job boards.

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