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    Beware of Consolidated Opportunities

    Watch out for a company out of Arizona that is scamming people left and right. This company is called Consolidated Opportunities and they will give you the biggest cock and bull story about how they will set you up with your own website that harvests leads for the mortgage industry and then they proceed to tell you that they will give you a $12,000 ad campaign for only $6,000 and how people will go on your site and fill out a few lines of information and before you know it you will have tons of people filling out the info page and then magically numerous mortgage companies will bid on the leads and pay you up to $75 per lead. Not!!! I have never received more than $20 for a single lead and most have payed me a whopping $5. I have had this company pulling their scam on me for over a year now and have a whopping $400 and change to show for my thousands of dollars invested. I was even told by this scam of a company that I would be given a free year of the $12,000 ad campaign if I didn't make my investment back. In fact the moron that sold me this bill of goods said noone in their history had ever had to take them up on the guarantee. It doesn't stop there either. After a couple of months I get this call from a moron named Chris Hall who feeds me another cock and bull story about how he came up with this amazing new way to boost your sales by using a new technique of making your prospects fill out the info page by merely timing the length of time they spend on the site. He claimed that if a person spends 30 or more seconds on the site that they act, or fill out the info %90 of the time. Then he proceeds to tell me He would sell me this amazing opportunity for $1.22 per click for life. This means I would have the price locked in for life which he of course made sound like this amazing deal. In fact he even had the nerve to tell me I would never have to advertise again because this would explode my business. Well the bill for that portion came to almost $3,000 and now I'm out almost $9,000 and have seen a whopping $400 and change come back in over a year. Now you folks tell me if this is not a scam. Oh, and that moron Chris Hall got himself a promotion and never returned my phone calls and passed me on to some other lowlife to basically try and put out the fire every time I called. Anyone else having problems with this piece of crap company? Submit a thread because I would love to get a class action lawsuit going against them.

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