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    RV Park Membership Scam By Dan Monaghan

    Thousand Trails Membership Broker From Hell

    RV Park membership Broker From Hell:

    Dan Monaghan
    Tammy Monaghan
    Monaghan Enterprises, Inc
    13503 Palo Ct., Clermont, FL 34711
    Cell: 352-242-4461
    877-284-3944 Toll-free

    This is a warning for anyone who wants to purchase a RV membership from this fellow, don't do it!!!
    This has been the ebay Thousand Tails purchase from hell from Dan Monaghan, , my first on at that. I paid full price for it March 20thth, $2,799, I sent Dan Monaghan the money via paypal. In the first week I called him 3 times and emailed as many, no response. After 3 weeks I was so frustrated, zero communications, all I wanted to know was what stage the transfer process of the Thousand Tails membership was at. After 4 weeks I was upset and told Dan Monaghan so, then found out the Thousand Tails membership he was brokering and sold me, the owner of the item circumvented him and sold it, he had to know but would not tell me till a month later, I had tight time constraints. You can never be guaranteed to get what you buy from Dan Monaghan, as this brokerage contracts with the seller is not binding he told me and would not pursue them for damages. During that time he tried to badger me to cancel numerous times, he knew he no longer hat what I bought. Then he found me another Thousand Tails membership, by now it cost me $600 in loses as I was supposed to be out of here and should have had a Thousand Tails membership by no. I asked him to pay for the transfer costs to offset my losses. I posted the negative feedback and he got mean, ugly, rude, swore at me numerous times and said I should just cancel if I don't like doing business with him. This was conveniently removed by Dan, how nice to kill any bad feedbacks and have your account suspended.

    After calling me numerous times, Dan Monaghan wanted to swear at me, I refused to answer the phone until I had a tape recorder and recorded him cussing F this, f that I am a F'ing such and such. After her read my negative feedback on Ebay he immediately sent my money back via paypal. I sent a letter threatening to sue him. Then in the middle of a phone call while swearing at me Dan Monaghan decided to complete the transfer on the second membership he says is now in the process and I would pay him again. It has been a nightmare dealing with Dan Monaghan, this unscrupulous and very unprofessional seller on ebay, it's like he is Bi-Polar, super nice to me before I gave him the money and then zero communications and very rude, badgering me many times after the sale.

    I am not happy at all with Dan Monaghan as a matter of fact I am pissed, angry and upset, he has cost me money, kept my money for over a month and then sent it back, now he wants to finish the second deal.. Of course there is zero communication on this as well, I had to contact Thousand Tails transfer department to find out Dan now has the papers and nothing is signed of course. I have no doubt he will screw me on this and leave me hanging all this time thinking I am getting a Thousand Tails membership, that is how Dan works.

    This is all very confusing to say the least. I am hoping I don't have to sue him for breach of contract and uttering threats, it's a lot of work I hope he completes the sale on this Thousand Tails membership. Since the first sale fell apart I tried to buy what looked like the same membership a second time. Now I see Ebay has removed my second comments on the feedback and will likely try to have my first comment removed as well, as it is not good for business for him to have the truth told about how he does business, does the bait and switch, and being rude to clients who are smart enough to catch on to what he has done to them. I worked under cover for the US SEC and other various police agencies world wide, I smelled a con man after a short time. This seller, Dan Monaghan is crooked, deceptive and very cunning and manipulative selling items he does not own or have permission to sell on ebay.

    Additionally he lied to me telling me he was the only authorized Thousand trails broker to be selling these membership, when I contacted TT, they said that Dan was not authorized and complaining to them about him will do no good as he does not work for them, honestly I think they are in bed together as Thousand Tails gest $750 for every transfer that Dan Monaghan resells for them. He told me verbally it would take about 3 weeks to transfer the membership to my name, it has been over a month and have not seen any paperwork, he tells ebay now a typical transfer can take 4-7 weeks, different that what he will tell you. I have recording of him cursing and swearing at me and trying badger me to take my money back after he knew he no longer had a product to supply that I had bought. Very cunning man to say the least and very believable when he talks to you.

    I would like to know how he was successful at removing my feedback and reporting me as a bad buyer. I do not want the only feedback left on about him ever removed. I will be reporting this man to the various agency's regarding his fraud, deception and threat to me personally.

    A second membership came available, so I bought that to compensate for the first sale that went bad and I did not receive the product, he had my money from the first sale, so I just wanted to document the fact that there was a second membership he was now again offering me and selling to me, and that I had a paper trail other than his lying words and deceptive sale tactics. The second produce was never paid for because he already had my funds from the first purchase that I was defrauded out of and never did receive from this fraudulent seller, I would like to know how he was successful at removing my feedback and reporting me as a bad buyer. I do not want the only feedback left on about him ever removed. I will be reporting this man to the various agency's regarding his fraud, deception and threat to me personally.

    Now because of this deceptive Thousand Tails membership seller, Dan Monaghan has successfully lied to ebay about my purchase, the fund I sent him for the purchase of a thousand trails membership and the public no long has a voice to tell them this man is a crook, deceptive, uses bait and switch and is very rude to those who question his fraudulent sales tactics. He has sucked Ebay into another one of his lies and once again been very good at what he does, deception.

    I am disappointed and disgusted with Ebay’s policy and unfair treatment to victim of fraudulent sale from your company. Unless Ebay allows me comment on the fraudulent purchase I paid for from Dan Monaghan I have no other choice but to seek legal advise to sue EBAY for siding with a fraudulent businessman.

    Ebay’s hokie dokie email section does not allow me to paste all the sales, the payment and evidence to prove I paid for the damn membership, he held my money for a month while scrambling around to find a second membership for me, then contacted me and said he would transfer the second membership to me.

    Dan Monaghan is the devil incarnate, I would never recommend anyone try to buy one of this “brokered Thousand Tails Membership from him, you will be gravely disappointed.


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    Re: RV Park Membership Scam By Dan Monaghan

    Sadly, you never know who is good or bad till its too late. I'd be careful if you deal with him any further. If he is this unstable, he could be trouble.

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    Re: RV Park Membership Scam By Dan Monaghan

    Quote Originally Posted by Puller58 View Post
    Sadly, you never know who is good or bad till its too late. I'd be careful if you deal with him any further. If he is this unstable, he could be trouble.
    No, will never do business with them again. No way Jose!!!!:rotz::rotz::zx11pissed::zx11pissed:

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    Re: RV Park Membership Scam By Dan Monaghan

    Thanks for the warning scamwatcherII. This kind of fraud cases should be publicized and demand the authorities concerned to deal with it immediately with stringent laws.

    'People take heed of this kind of important informations'
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    Re: RV Park Membership Scam By Dan Monaghan

    Does anyone know of a southwest RV Park that has a parts shop on site?

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