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    Gat-one Private Loans

    Just wanting to report what I believe to be a scam so that no one else gets stung. I had done a google search for the below names and for GAT-ONE Private Loans but at the time didn't find anything on them, so thought that they might have been ligitimate. I have since found a report on another website (http://www.justanswer.com/questions/...entioned-south) from another person who paid multiple sets of money to these people, also for no result.

    I approached them with a business proposition and was told by them that they could provide investment ******* at 3% per month. The rate sounded reasonably believable. They asked for a $250US administration fee, which I paid. They then said that they could forward the money to me but they needed another $450US.

    By this stage I was very suspicious as I don't believe a reputable company would forward a cent to anyone without any decient checks on the people asking for the loan (which they had not done) and a lot of documentation as a part of the deal (which they also had not done). All we had done was exchanged was a couple of emails.

    I sent them a pretty blunt email stating that I thought they were a con, and they didn't even both to refute my claim, defend themselves or make assurances that they could deliver on their promises, so I never paid the second payment (obviously).

    The person that I sent the first payment to was:

    Jenny White
    Unit 4, Business Village, Langstone, Newport, NP28 LH, Essex, United Kingdom

    The initial contact that I had emailed was:

    Andrew Coker

    If anyone has had good dealings with these people I am happy to be proven wrong,
    but I believe them to be running a financial investment scam and would urge anone
    considering to send money to them, to not do it as they do not deliver on their
    promises and things just do not stack up. As I said at the start, had I seen a
    message like this one from someone else, somewhere on the internet, it might have
    saved me money, time and stress.

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    Re: Gat-one Private Loans

    sorry - those telephone numbers that start with +4470 seem to trace to London, but are really an international call forwarding service usually answered in Nigeria.

    this scam is called advance fee fraud.

    you paid by western union? western union addressed to UK can be picked up anywhere, including Nigeria.

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    Re: Gat-one Private Loans

    Yes, that is right. They insisted that payment had to be made through Western Union. They pulled the money out blindingly fast too. Within minutes of sending it I had received an email that the money had been collected.

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