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    Native People Embrace Human Nature, West Denies

    Native Peoples Embrace Human Nature, Moderns Deny It

    I was camping up at Michigan's Upper Peninsula, Lake Superior shore in October, five days of cold and rainy and windy autumn weather. Invigorating but really tough conditions, all good and beautiful environment but quite humbling. Tuesday night storm was mind blowing- besides wind blowing ! ( Tent just a couple hundred feet from raging waves, trees toppling down all around me all night. ) On colder rainy days I rotated between staying in sleeping bag to catch up on warmth, to praying, to activities to build some body heat- like camp chores, or like eating ! ( I kept reminding myself of the Three Mandates for Outdoor Survival : to DO whatever it takes to Stay DRY, Stay WARM, and EAT. )

    I found the only way to cope and to respond in a balanced way was to stay in a kind of ' zone ' mentally- I would just be fully accepting of conditions, making necessary moves to respond to such changing and marginal conditions, but mentally avoiding any kind of conclusions or judgmental characterizations whatsoever of anything happening. My ' Zone ' seems to be a mixture of constant Meditation and Prayer. It seems to flow best when I allow it to be a two- way flow- the surrounding environment communicating to me, and me to it. ' Environment ' definitely and deliberately inclusive of the Physical and the Spiritual Worlds. And while one is up there in the middle of the Reality of the Experience, one has the subtle awareness that ONE'S LIFE AND HEALTH depends on such connection maintaining your ability to respond appropriately. ( As well as allowing this sensitivity to open one up more to the needs of those people around you if they have issues come up. )

    One key to understanding and appreciating Native American Ceremony, especially those you are personally involved in, is the concept that in some kinds of Ceremony you will be deliberately placed in a situation of moderate insecurity and temporary discomfort, making you somewhat vulnerable, but WITHOUT significant threat or harm actually coming to pass. It is a process of gently dissolving some of the Ego that naturally emerges with human living, but without the dualism of seeing some OTHER Egos being unnecessarily built up ( not the competitive tearing- down of the Weak in order to facilitate the building- up of the Strong, as in our Strongly Hierarchical Western Societies ). This vulnerability begins with your VOLUNTARILY submitting to a small beginning degree of limited vulnerability, maybe just some physical discomfort, which vulnerability will then be purposely and deliberately expanded upon somewhat but under controlled conditions and strict limits established by experienced apprenticed Conductors of Ceremony, who carefully and constantly observe the proceedings ( by their deep involvement from every level of their beings, frankly ).

    Another major factor at work effecting counter- balance to the Personal Vulnerability and Discomfort is total community SUPPORT.

    I am referring to Ceremony like Sweat Lodge and Vision Quest, and others.

    This process obviously works to move one from Fear to Trust ( in its beginning stages ).

    Natives experienced many of the same personal and societal imbalances we do today, as human beings, but avoiding the extremes because their Cultural practices had specific forms of structure or Ceremony that addressed such problems and imbalances at the lowest levels of conflict, at earliest opportunity, rather than deferring response, or ignoring human nature and human needs, until the point of personal crisis or social explosion, as usually happens in Hierarchical Societies.

    Or Mono- Theistic Societies.

    Mono- Theistic or Hierarchical Cultures always try either TO SUPPRESS Human Nature, or they try TO CHANGE fundamentally Human Nature, or both, rather than TO WORK WITH Human Nature. Often to the point of losing conscious contact with any real knowledge or awareness of even WHAT IS Human Nature ( along with strenuous efforts to deny certain obvious inevitabilities of Human Life ).

    Whereas, Tribal Cultures seek TO ACCOMMODATE Human Nature, or TO RE- DIRECT Human Nature, ALL IN FULL CONSCIOUS KNOWLEDGE AND AWARENESS AND ACCEPTANCE OF Human Nature ( along with active acceptance of certain inevitabilities of Human Life ). They just face their own Human Nature and the Human Nature they see in each other, head on. This actually makes for LESS Judgment and MORE Respect because it enhances EMPATHY for one another : you see Yourself in the Other, and you see the Other in Yourself. Supporting each other in Acceptance of What Is. Then each welcoming the other's contribution to Consensus on Responding to What Is.

    So, in its final stages, this process proceeds to move one from social Conflict to Cooperation, from life Trauma to Healing.

    And profound Personal and Societal healing is the result.

    Ahbleza Kevin Ahbleza,
    The Born Observer- The Watcher of Beauty-
    He Who Sees the People's Path to Life

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    Re: Native People Embrace Human Nature, West Denie

    this reminds me of the PBS airing of the documentary on what i remember as a lost tribe in new guinea i beleive that had no prior contact with civilization. later i heard it was supposedly faked!? i have been looking for the video footage as i remeber how innocent and garden of eden it seemed!? guess that makes it a fake for sure!? still, it had a definate effect on me!? : :spin2: :
    i do not endorse/recommend any advertising on scam.com associated with my name /posts or otherwise. thank you

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    Re: Native People Embrace Human Nature, West Denie

    Kevin, it's interesting how ex-WCG members produce de-centralists who renounce the law in some form. Basically, I agree with you to a point, that there is no law which can demonstrate authority over us.

    I also believe in de-ceentralization over the power of Jewish law, but I believe that God does the choosing, not men.

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