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    Votre Vu

    I was wondering if anyone had any opinions regarding a cosmetics/skin care MLM, Votre Vu? Someone asked me to take a look at them and as well as one might expect, it's a little difficult to separate the facts from the hype. Now before we get started we're all well aware that several posters here are of the opinion that all MLM's are scams, I respect your opinions but disagree. If your criticism is based on the industry in general and not this company in specific you'll have my thanks on making your point in a more appropriate thread. Should any proponents of Votre Vu find this thread, I thank you for your opinions as well, but please forgive me for valuing provable facts over glowing personal endorsements.

    I haven't had too much time to dig at this one and I'm asking for help. Votre Vu seems to have launched in either August or September of last year. They are registered as a foreign LLC. in the State of Illinois (file#02430347) and there currently is no public BBB file on them. They refer to themselves as "pending" members of the DSA.

    The founders are listed as Harold Zimmerman and Dave Proctor. Both of whom either hold or held high positions in Next Wave Logistics, a company that provides software and services to MLM/Direct Sales companies. Jean Louise Lilly currently credited with "Product Development and Marketing" at VV seems to have come from Next Wave as well, as did Rick Mastroianni. The paltry search I've made shows only one member of the "Vu's Who" with a substantial MLM leadership background, Melissa Soete formerly of Sensaria Natural Bodycare.

    The comp plan overview (PDF Link). Now let me be perfectly clear, I trust myself to dissect sales pitches and am generally fine at seeing where the math and the hype diverge, but MLM comp plans almost appear to be deliberate obfuscations at times. I know there are people who get paid good money to interpret them. I also know that the true arithmetic of the plan, striped of all the hype can reveal either a fair and sustainable system or organized mathematical and financial exploitation.

    Reading the above link, the tone strikes me as.,.. enthusiastically optimistic to say the least, but perhaps that's par for the course. One thing that jumps out at me (again, I claim no expertise with MLM comp plans) is where they describe how, after after certain conditions are met you can:

    Max Out the Plan…and Keep Going with MULTIPLE BUSINESS CENTERS!

    There is virtually no limit to your earning potential! After you max out the benefit level of the compensation
    plan with your first business center, our plan allows you to CONTINUE WEALTH CREATION by earning
    up to 4 additional business centers to generate commissions!

    When you qualify as an Executive Director and maintain 350 cycles/week in your original business center,
    you will automatically get a new business center placed directly above your original business center. This is
    the sixth way to earn significant income.

    What this means is that your original business center teams becomes the stronger team of your new
    business center, and you only have to build one sales team on the weaker side.

    The qualifications and benefits for the new business center are the same as any new Consultant. However,
    your title for your original business center now becomes VICE PRESIDENT. Once you reach the maximum
    qualifications and benefits on the 2nd business center, you will automatically get a 3rd business center –
    and so on… up to 5 business centers. That’s a maximum earning potential of over $5,000,000 per year!
    Let's leave aside the practical likelihood of attaining any of those qualifiers for a moment, what I'm wondering is if this plan allows you to double (or potentially quintuple) all of the many very generous bonuses previously described in the comp plan, more or less from the same efforts? Can you potentially fill up to four spots in your own personal downline, stacking each of the bonuses?

    Reading the comp plan makes me wonder what % of the final retail price of their products goes solely to pay commissions and bonuses, but I suppose that's true for the entire industry. But if enough people find the product to be worth the price (without participating in the comp plan), I have no problem with that. My concern is for the people who bust their butts actually trying to retail the stuff, are they getting a fair deal here? I'd be greatly appreciative if any of our resident MLM experts could weigh in with an informed opinion.

    Thank you.
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