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    Its Time To Share The Love of God!!!


    Let's pray that these good christian missionaries further the loving gospel of Christ throughout the land.

    Sharing the love of God!

    A call to action here, folks!

    Watch this video if you love Jesus!!!

    And for all you unbelievers, THIS is how to get things done!! Repent NOW before its too late.

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    Re: Its Time To Share The Love of God!!!

    Speaking of this, as I was sitting down today taking care of my daily....necessity....I noticed a booklet.
    It was one of those "Our Daily Bread" bulletins.
    I skimmed through it. Looking at the lesson or thought for November 8th, in light of this thread and the video, made me wonder.....
    How many christians out there believe that they are the ones being persecuted....and it never dawns on them that their own church, brethren, sisters, funded missionaries, etc might be the ones doing the persecuting......

    Here's the lesson:

    "One October morning in 2006, a woman and her six children were forced to witness an attack on their husand and father. His assailants tried to force him to deny Jesus, but he refused. He continued to proclaim Christ as Lord and died praying for his family. The family is determined to follow Christ, even in their grief.
    Another man was sentenced to 3 years for allegedly insulting another religion. He's an outspoken Christian with a passion for Christ. He and his wife and children continue to be faithful and refuse to deny Him.
    Persecution for the Christian faith is as real in our world as it was for the Jewish believers in the early church to whom Peter wrote. He prayed, "May the God of all grace,....after you have suffered a while, perfect, establish, strengthen, and settle you" (1 Peter 5:10).
    Today is the International Day of Prayer for the persecuted Church. These prayer points from Open Doors USA, a ministry that's committed to encouraging persecuted Christians, can help guide us as we pray.
    *Pray for the safety and faith of the secret believers in countries where it is illegal to share about Christ.
    *Pray for the health, perseverance, and encouragement of believers who are imprisoned for the gospel.
    *Pray that those whose loved ones have died due to martyrdom will rely on God for their strenghth.
    *Together, let's bring our fellow believers before the Lord in prayer."
    'The blood of the martyrs is the seed of the church.' - Tertulian

    I wonder how many Christians out there realize that they commit these same acts of hostility daily against those of different faiths or no faith.

    I also wonder it, like those who "persecute" christians, they rationalize their hatred and believe it a favor and a charity.

    Just some thoughts.

    If you haven't done so, check out the video!

    I promise, the picture is misleading and blips away the second you hit the play button....


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    Re: Its Time To Share The Love of God!!!

    It really depends on which christian sect the person associates themselves with. There's a gazillion sects (40 if you speak ancient hebrew).

    Some people stay up late and watch those idiotic evangelical shows that preach eternal damnation for anyone who doesn't follow one particular narrow path of christianity. Some of these people think that Catholics are non-christian.

    These sects spend gazillions ($40 if you speak ancient hebrew) every year on pamphlets that litter my house, promising wealth, prosperity, and an all-around good time....if I send them my last $5 instead of buying a pound of bologna. (baloney for those of you in arkansas and west virginia)

    I've never been to a Hindu country, but I have no doubt that there is a special christian sect that specifically targets the hindu teaching, with the objective to convert those who are not....and to scare the crap out of those who are, from ever considering going back to hindu.

    This methodology would not work in a more prosperous area, because communication would quickly expose the christian groups, and they would be charcoal by morning.

    But this video you've presented shows exactly what would happen if we lost our free access to information, and if lines of communication are cut off.

    Those people BELIEVED that crap.

    But the bottom line is...christians are guilty...yes....in the instances cited in the video. I'll bet my next $40 (that's a gazillion in modern language) that all religions will stoop to that level, given the opportunity.

    ...And perhaps we don't know about it....simply because of integrated oppression.

    I love religion.
    Church of Doojie proud member

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    Re: Its Time To Share The Love of God!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by bibleman View Post
    I wonder how many Christians out there realize that they commit these same acts of hostility daily against those of different faiths or no faith.
    You bring up an interesting point. Various religions seem to be the beginning point for a "cold war" of information, infiltrating and seeking converts from each other. Hoffer wrote something about that in the "True Believer". He brought out that the cults and mass movements are interchangeable, pointing out that the Nazis of his day successfully converted Communists, and vice versa.

    It would piss the Christians off to know they were the creators of terrorism!

    I also wonder it, like those who "persecute" christians, they rationalize their hatred and believe it a favor and a charity.
    Of course they do. It's all the genetic replicative algorithm using strategies to justify itself. Content is less important than the odds of survival. It all evolves with technology. Since a human is just a gene's way of making another human, we can look at humans as "genetic technology". From that technology comes the technology of the "meme", which is merely the cultural equivalent of the genetic replicative strategy, which evolves all the various religious doctrines that says "If you give your life for me, you will have a world of non-change, where I can reproduce myself in that perfect, harmonious world of non-change".

    Since the genes seek to replicate themselves exactly, and since exact replication demands control of the environment, what better strategy for the genetic technology called humans to spread themselves near and far? Eternal life for all of us (genes) if you will sacrifice your own life for that perfect world.

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