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    Work at home opportunity

    There is a legitimate company called "Liberty League". It is not a get rich quick scheme, however, you could make a 6 or 7 figure income within your first year. Liberty League sells a product called "Beyond Freedom". Beyond Freedom shows people how to pursue and reach their goals. Usually goals that they never thought they could reach. So what you are doing is helping other people just like you pursue their dreams and making a very good living doing so. This is not an MLM or a pyramid. The company is not looking for just anyone. They want people who want to succeed as business owners. Ask yourself two questions:

    1) Are you happy with your current job and lifestyle?

    2) Are you willing to pursue what you really want?

    If the answer to these questions is "yes", go to the website: www.libertyleague.com/freedomsolutions. Click on "Finanical Opportunities" and listen to the presentation. If you like what you hear, call me at 1-800-893-5558. My name is "Frank". You have nothing to lose except a small amount of your time. If we have a match, then I will set you up with an advisor of the company to interview you and answer questions that you may have. The interview will be done over the phone, not through e-mail. It's time to make the changes that you really want.
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    Re: Work at home opportunity

    How interesting that you would spam a scam fighting board with one of the world's leading scams.

    This is not an MLM or a pyramid.
    Yeah, Riiigghht. Then what product or service are you selling ? What is the work-at-home job?

    You have nothing to lose except a small amount of your time.
    And your dignity.

    Find the edge of the Earth and jump off you scam-spamming scum. :mad:
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    Re: Work at home opportunity

    Liberty League is not a scam. The product is called "Beyond Freedom". Beyond Freedom is a 90 day program that consists of an audio program, a workbook, a DVD video, and a journaling system. Beyond Freedom employs a very simple philosophy: you have the power to make any change in your life that you want to make.

    The associates and advisors of Liberty League work from their homes at their desk tops marketing the product. That is the "work at home" opportunity. This company also employs a "team" philosophy. If you need any assistance or advise, you get to talk to a real person (a coach) on the phone, instead of talking to a computer through your e-mail (which never gets answered anyway). The support that you get is amazing.

    The fact is that most people that visit these sites (including myself) were not happy with their current employment situation and are looking to change that, as well as their lifestyle. I would encourage you and anyone else to check out the website and listen to the presentation before accusing me of being (whatever it was that you called me).

    Thank you.

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    Re: Work at home opportunity

    I am not sure about it. I will try to check out more reviews about the program and see if it is really legit just like you say.

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