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    Re: First Nation Insurance Group a/k/a FNIG

    Quote Originally Posted by Debbie Luv View Post
    For everyone out there that has been victimized by Dr. Kumar and Enrique (Rick) Reyes, keep up the pressure on these yahoos! And for all of you others that haven't had money stolen or have or are doing business with these low lifes, WATCH OUT! They are nothing more than petty criminals. So beware, don't let your guard down, if you hear or see them, contact the authorities, let us know at this thread. They may still be doing their scams, maybe even under a different name or names or company. So if you hear or see them, let everyone know!:
    Is there any other victims of Dr. Kumar and Enrique (Rick) Reyes that are seeking them for prosecution? Please contact me. I am looking to prosecute them and am seeking regulators or the FBI or Insurance Fraud Units to assist them.

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    Re: First Nation Insurance Group a/k/a FNIG

    Does someone have their number? They issued treasuries to me and my corp and my secretary has the info to contact them and she is no longer with my firm.



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    Re: First Nation Insurance Group a/k/a FNIG

    If anyone would like to team up, my husband and I did business with Hugh Riddle and Associates, LLC
    Attn: Mr. Hugh Riddle
    1540 LaSalle Street, Suite 704
    Chicago, IL 60610 who was affiliated with FNIG. We are no longer able to contact this guy who has obsconded with a lot of cash. I have tons of emails, peoples names and what now seems to be be bogus contracts from all over the world. We are now bankrupt and trying to find this guy. We contacted the Secret Service who said we had a case for fraud but they couldn't help us. We have no funds to pursue through attornies, but if anyone happens to read this and would like to contact me to go after these guys, it would be great to see them come to justice. This could be a small part of the ghost team in the states.

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    Re: First Nation Insurance Group a/k/a FNIG

    I know this is an older post but I have just come across to it and wondering if any of you have had any luck collecting from Rick Reyes. If not I have his current address and phone number and he's in California living off of a woman. He's recently scammed over $100,000 from his latest victim
    I will be more than happy to answer any questions or give out the information

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    Re: First Nation Insurance Group a/k/a FNIG

    Quote Originally Posted by greggII View Post

    Do you have personal experience with FNIG. If so, how long has it been since the deposit in question was posted and how long have you been asking for its return?

    My husband and I have had personal experience with them and a guy named Hugh Riddle on the US side. They took more than $115,000 from us investing in carbon credit units. What a scheme. Hugh Riddle, I'm sure not his real name, contributed to our bankruptcy and bankrupted another guy besides us. If any one runs across this guy, I'd love to know. Jail is way too good for these guys. I'd like to see them strung up. Don't invest with these guys.

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