To the mods (your Majesty): I searched "actuary" and "actuarial", but I found no Starter Thread addressing the scam that is the actuarial exams as well as many other forms of examinations that specific industries and companies require in order to get hired.
So, I had to start a new thread.

Two major actuarial societies push and encourage people to spend and waste thousands of dollars for study materials and the actuarial exams themselves under the lie that actuarial science is a secure field and that there are lots of positions.

There are absolutely no actuarial positions. Nobody makes money in that field. Those who promote that field as an opportunty lie everywhere and all the time.

But, it is not just the actuarial field,
for which I have personal experience.
(I have passed a few of their exams
and mailed out thousands of resumes.)
The problem is with EVERY single corporation that supports capitalism.
Capitalism simply does not work.
Every corporation in the world, not just in the United States, not just actuarial, disregards the results of their own "entrance" exams anyway for those rare, once-in-a-decade, times that they DO hire. Instead, they hire purely by nepotism: because they happen to be a friend of someone or know someone or be a relative, even though that person has NO qualifications whatsoever to do a job.

For example, I know friends who have spend decades of their lives jumping and hopping from one degree and certification to another in fields such as sleep technology and utilities and computer science programming engineering technology, led around with false promises of being hired in some "hot" field.

They have wasted decades of time, effort studying, and money with false lies.

Job experience is NOT real experience.
I have had paid jobs. My brain turned to mush. I learned far less than I did in school. I learned infinitely more formal education. In paid jobs, all I did was brainlessly repeat garbage that the bosses asked me to, although I know that that had no value whatsoever to anyone.

The research and work that I do on my own, at home, for which I do NOT get paid but SHOULD, contributes INFINITELY more to society and the world than any paid job.

The only PRACTICAL way to get hired is for the government to FORCE corporations to hire everyone. Or, if the corporation is unwilling, then the gov't should be the corporation itself.

Either way: big government has absolutely NO moral nor legal right to punish anyone if they are unwilling to help anyone.

Capitalism would NOT be as bad if corporations at least did not LIE during their job interviews that one "needs" to pass some company-specific certification exam - even AFTER that person has PROVEN themselves INFINITELY more rigorously with their academic degrees - that is
COMPLETELY irrelevant to the job and is intended ONLY to weed applicants out.

If people who work for corporations and defend capitalism actually did any work, then they would NOT waste a PRECIOUS PENNY of their time and money - which I don't give a damn about - nor job applicants' time and money - which is my ONLY concern - with time-wasting job interviews and unnecessary hoop-jumping.

The corporations would merely hire the first person who walks through that door.

What's the point of academic degrees as a means of proving qualification for a job if corporations are going to pile on their own stupid time-wasting money-wasting certification exams?

By the way, I include my teaching jobs in this absolute brainless mentality of the PAID "working" world. I never once used any of my skills to do the job of teaching. A first grader could have done the job I was forced to do.

To make my teaching job not so dull for myself - and for the students' benefit - I went above and beyond what I was supposed to teach them.
But, one of my bosses - a mentally inferior subhuman piece of garbage - actually dared to object.

To recap: I had in mind the actuarial-exam scam specifically when I began this thread, but I wanted to generalize it as much as possible in order to attract support and interest to as wide an audience as possible.