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    personal assistant

    Beware if receive an email from Zachary Stone <zac.stone1964@gmail.com>
    Kimberly & Zachary Stone discard right away.
    I and my husband want to put things in place so you can start immediately we arrive from our vacation.We would like to have a brief interview with you,answer the following questions.
    1)How many years of work experience do you have ?
    2) Do you smoke ?
    3)Do you do drugs ?
    4) What area are you located presently ?
    5)Do you have any disability ?

    ..............Below is our Offer and Requirements.........

    You'll be paid $800.00 weekly If you choose to receive your salaries monthly thats $3200 and its okay with us.

    1) You must be able to speak English Language..
    2)Is your partners in support of this position for you.
    3)You must have any references and achievements ?
    4)Ever been convicted ?? Doesn't matter to me as long as you have realize your past mistakes and now a changed person.

    I await your prompt response and as soon as i get your response, I will write back to let you know if you have the job or not.

    Best Regards
    Kimberly Stone

    You'll be working for about Fifteen (15) hours weekly and below are your task/duties.

    * Reading and replying emails from customers
    * Receiving of incoming calls & making of outgoing calls to customers
    * Taking proper care of sales records
    * Making sure the ready-made gowns are dispatched at the right time to the respective customers.
    * Receiving payment from customers
    * Sending out payment to my clients for supplies of raw materials

    I hope and sure you'll be able to execute the above listed tasks. We already have a delivery truck driver who functions very well and all we need now is for this position to be occupied. Examining your resume and the questioner that has been answered, i feel you are fit into this position. I'd like
    to inform you that out of all the applications we have received, yours is the one I and my husband is quite pleased with and this means that you have finally secured the position and you can consider having an employment with us.

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    Re: personal assistant

    Looks like one of 2 kinds of fake job, either the "cash the fake check that someone send in as payment for whatever" or the "accept delivery of electronic purchased with stolen credit cards and send them to the scammer" type of scam. Thanks for posting the names, email address and scripted email. Posting that information here, there and on every scam-warning-fraud-watching site you can find is a great way to get the word out to potential victims. The more the information is out there, the more it is google-able, the fewer victims there could be. Thank you.
    Found a scam or scammer's email address? Post it at scamwarners.com
    Found a romance scam? Post it at romancescam.com

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