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Thread: Mandura

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    I was wondering if anyone has heard of or works with Mandura. It's a fruit wellness drink. They are a pretty new company. I had a rep contact me about it you can join for as little as $30.00.....I can't find much about it online anywhere, so thought I'd post here..thanks


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    Re: Mandura

    Another d-mned fruity snake oil.


    Mandura products
    Durian, huh: bit of an acquired taste, that. Here's Andrew "Bizarre Foods" Zimmern tasting Durian fruit
    Mandura Pricing: $39US per 32oz? Vintage Claret doesn't cost that much - and the claret tastes yoinks better.

    Heckfire, junior; if'n you know enough folk who are both crazy and rich enough to pay 39US/32oz. for fruit punch, then stick yer ethics where the sun don't shine and go for it.
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    Re: Mandura

    I ordered some about a week ago. It has a strong Mangosteen flavor. I was surprised the Durian flavor wasn't stronger. The company's plan is about like any other. You will need 1,000 people on a 1 case autoship to earn a minimum of 10k/month.

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