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    NorthWest Flight 188 FOLLOWED BY UFO ? !

    NorthWest Flight 188 FOLLOWED BY UFO ? !


    Was NorthWest Flight 188 BEING FOLLOWED CLOSELY BY A UFO ? !

    Is that the REAL reason WHY the pilots OVERSHOT their destination- were they simply NOT ABLE TO SAFELY MANEUVER THE PLANE being closely tracked FROM BELOW by A UFO ? !


    If a UFO Shadowing them is too outlandish an idea, what about the WHOLE PLANE being taken for a time ? Like the Bermuda Triangle thing ?

    WHY are the PASSENGERS being SILENCED ?

    Very good question !

    For that matter, WHY silence the pilots ?


    Remember, they use AUTO- PILOT, and THAT needed to be OVERRIDDEN;

    and, even an Auto- Pilot ON ACTIVE would have announced their location;

    out of communication for 90 minutes ? : WERE THE TRANSPONDERS TRANSMITTING ? ( Transponders are automated identifier signals and need no one to engage a conversation.....)

    and, IF those pilots DARED to use a ' UFO ' as an excuse, THEIR COMMANDERS WOULD HAVE ' HIT- THE- CEILING ', WOULD BE INSTANTLY ENRAGED ! !

    Therefore.....suspension of the Pilots.....strict orders TO REMAIN SILENT.....

    the only problem left over is : HOW to control all THE PASSENGERS AND THE MEDIA INTERVIEWING THEM ? ! ?

    Let's give this some more time to be swept under the rug.....

    Ahbleza Kevin Ahbleza,
    The Born Observer- The Watcher of Beauty-
    He Who Sees the People's Path to Life

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    Re: NorthWest Flight 188 FOLLOWED BY UFO ? !


    You need to take a serious dump, and soon! I believe the sh!t has worked it's way up to your head.

    Best Wishes Nutter!
    "Religion is a heavy suitcase: all you have to do is put it down."
    "I have read the bible...more than once. I was not impressed nor was I so moved to give up my ability to think for myself and surrender my knowledge of facts for the unfounded belief in a mythical sky-fairy." - Me.

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    Re: NorthWest Flight 188 FOLLOWED BY UFO ? !

    I want know what the hell he was smoking and/or drinking when he wrote that mostly unintelligible bullshit! ROTFL! Another fine example of why the internet should be forbidden at mental institutions.
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    Re: NorthWest Flight 188 FOLLOWED BY UFO ? !

    NO. Northwest Flight 188 was not followed by an UFO.

    This was a huge mistake.

    I am just glad no one got hurt.

    Yes people will lose their jobs over this.

    At least no one lost their lives.

    Thank goodness.

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    Re: NorthWest Flight 188 FOLLOWED BY UFO ? !

    Speaking of Northwest: :blunt:

    From: http://www.urbandictionary.com/

    Northwest Nap:

    A very deep sleep where you are unable to hear telephones, text messages, and even the Air Force.

    Named to honor the two fine pilots from Northwest Airlines and there little "in flight snooze"

    "Dude, I was so tired yesterday afternoon, I took a Northwest Nap. My girl called me 15 times and I didn't hear a thing."
    "Wag more, bark less."

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