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Thread: Mid term notes

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    Mid term notes

    I have someone that has gotten money from me in the past and pretty much ended up costing me about 25K. But I'm not totaly convinced he is a crook.. yet.

    Now he is suggesting that I could get my money back and a lot more if I put 20-30 K into an escrow account so that he can jump start a deal involving MTN's mid term notes.
    these supposedly return in trading them or buying and selling etc. 15-20 points a month. but it requires lots of money. like 50 million and up.

    is this way too good to be true... google mtn;s and you get
    a handful of companies but I just don't know..
    they talk about seasoning... semiseason.. reo's and big commerical deals but I still don't believe you can make that kind of money without huge risk.

    any comments?

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    Re: Mid term notes

    It sounds like "that guy" is going down his list of people he swindled before, and is trying to squeeze even more money out of them. :zx11pissed:

    I would suggest that you give $0 to him. :rryumy:

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